Base AtkBase HP Max Atk Max HP Lvl 100 Atk Lvl 100 HP Lvl 120 Atk Lvl 120 HP
NP per Hit (%)NP when assaulted (%)
Star AbsorptionStar Generation per Hit

Star RegenSelf DEF down
Self Debuff price Up
Self Debuff Res Up
AoE arts NP
Self neglect Defense
Debuff Res Down

Innocent Monster D

Gain critical Stars every revolve (3 turns).

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Decrease own DEF by 14% (3 turns).




Mental Corruption A

Increase own psychological Debuff Success rate (3 turns).Increase own psychological Debuff withstand (3 turns).

Lvl12345678910 Debuff price + Debuff Res +CD


Christine ChristineB

Deal heavy damage to all adversaries that ignores DEF Up.

to decrease Debuff resist for all opponents (3 turns).

Christine Christine

My Love song Shall Resound v Hell


Deal heavy damage to all adversaries that ignores DEF Up.

Christine Christine (Upgrade 1)B+

Upgrade via Interlude quest 1.

Deal heavy damage to all adversaries that ignores DEF Up.

to decrease Debuff stand up to for all opponents (6 turns).

Christine Christine (Upgrade 1)

My Love track Shall Resound with Hell

Deal heavy damages to all enemies that ignores DEF Up.

Assorted Info

IDCostGenderGrowthInst. Death ChanceDamage circulation QuickDamage circulation ArtsDamage distribution BusterDamage circulation ExtraDamage circulation NP

Attack / HP Growth

✔ InterludeChapter Completion: orleans

Ascension: 1

Bond: 3

✖ rank Up 1 (ETA: 8/2022)Chapter Completion: Fuyuki

Ascension: 4

Bond: 0


Total materials Required

AscensionSkillAppend SkillAsc + SkillTotal

Costume dress Materials

April Fool's0
Impure death Mask

When fitted to Phantom that the Opera only,Increase quick Card performance of every allies through 15% if on the field.

Table the Contents


“Any that lay eyes upon me will certainly come to understand fear.”The guy or monster who lurked in the darkness of the Paris Opera, bellowing because that his beloved Christine. When not bellowing or madly professing his love, Phantom is a Quick-based Assassin through an AoE arts NP who excels at facilitating debuff strategies or low-key generating crucial stars.

Low rarity Servants regularly have a special, distinctive niche come themselves. Phantom is no different, although his might be a bit covert at very first sight. Phantom’s NP Christine Christine is in the regard his many worthwhile asset, together post-Interlude it reduces every enemies’ debuff resistance through at the very least 50% for 6(!) turns. This grants Phantom the capacity to make usually unreliable results such as Shakespeare’s and Zhuge Liang’s stuns soil consistently, and virtually guarantees any basic debuff an abilities stick come the target.

In addition, Phantom is qualified of giving the team v a decent amount of vital stars v passive critical star generation from innocent Monster and also easy access to rapid Chains by virtue of his QQQAB deck. He can additionally be component of any type of anti-female stalling team, as his Mental Pollution skill boosts the odds that his charm Siren Song landing - if his NP hasn’t however debuffed the enemy. Together disabling an abilities such together charms or stuns often have problem hitting the target, Phantom’s NP ensures also low ranked disables land.

However, energy and vital stars room basically the main point of what Phantom provides. His upgraded defense-ignoring NP’s damage remains very lackluster, and also his Assassin modifiers and also low base strike ensure his as whole damage is decidedly bad too. His fight counts and also NP generation likewise frustrate structure up his NP, and his NP generation remarkable trails behind the of his peers. His poor hit count distribution are additionally reflected in his 2-hit fast card, and his crucial star generation is really substandard when Innocent Monster is top top cooldown or rapid chains room inaccessible.

In the end, Phantom can administer some measure of an important stars, yet he is no well suited because that a duty as key Assassin damage-dealer. Instead, Phantom has some distinct potential for teambuilding v low-hit opportunity debuff Servants such together Shuten or Zhuge Liang - although many would think about that really niche indeed.


Highly Potent AoE Debuff Resistance down

After his Interlude, Phantom’s NP lowers the debuffs resistance that all adversaries by at least 50% because that 6 turns, scaling through Overcharge. When the debuff itself can still be resisted by enemies, it considerably boosts the success price of oft-forgotten added effects such as Chevalier d’Eon’s charm or Lu Bu’s stun on their particular NPs.

Decent vital Star Generation

Phantom is qualified of passively generating a small sum of crucial stars with his innocent Monster skill. Through itself, the supplied critical stars are quite paltry, but with one of two people a rapid chain or second boost in passive an essential star generation native CEs, Phantom can do a decent job. The Phantom have the right to supply vital stars without using his Command Cards is a good boon considering his otherwise bad generation performance.

Anti-female Stalling Potential

With mental Pollution buffing his own charm’s success rate, and also his NP greatly an increasing the odds the landing debuffs for allies, Phantom have the right to serve as a lynchpin in one anti-female stalling team. Charms and also stuns frequently have a reduced success rate, especially after factoring in debuff resistance passives.

Low Damage

By far Phantom’s largest and also most overt problem is his low damage. Between Assassin 0.9x damages modifiers, his own low basic attack, the finish lack of any steroids, his QQQAB deck and also the difficulty in charging his NP quickly, damages simply isn’t Phantom’s forte. Even after his Interlude, his NP damage still drops behind easily accessible competitors such as Fuuma Kotarou or Berserkers such as Spartacus.

Poor NP Generation Performance

With three rapid cards that have lackluster NP generation and also only 2 hits, Phantom isn’t qualified of actively generating vital stars really well and noticeably trails behind his other bronze Assassins in charging his NP. Still, his solitary Arts card is quite formidable especially if provided last in a chain or under the result of Overkill.

Fragile & lengthy Cooldown on Siren Song

With no procedures to defend himself directly, a defense under demerit on innocent Monster, and also with short rarity base stats, Phantom has difficulty surviving versus stronger enemies by himself. His charm can assist him make it through indirectly by stalling enemies, however its cooldown is lengthy at 7-9 turns depending on skill rank.

Enemy Bosses’ Debuff Resistances, Cleanses and Debuff Immunity

Unfortunately for Phantom, an effective enemy bosses have a habit that receiving potent immunities or hidden resistances. In addition, Phantom’s NP have the right to fail come land the debuff resistance under debuff, enemies might cleanse the the exact same turn, a broken break bar might cleanse it, or they can even possess a debuff immunity skill. Any type of of these mechanics do Phantom more challenging to use.

Innocent Monster D

Gain an essential Stars every turn (3 turns).Decrease own DEF by 14% (3 turns).

Mental Corruption A

Increase own psychological Debuff Success price (3 turns).Increase own mental Debuff stand up to (3 turns).

Lvl12345678910 Debuff rate + 5% Debuff Res +CD

Unfortunately, nobody of Phantom’s an abilities directly help in boosting his distinctive debuff niche. Nonetheless, additional critical stars are constantly welcome, and also putting part levels in his Siren track will ensure it has a decent chance of landing prior to Phantom supplies his NP. Landing the charm may be an important to avoid an opponent from cleansing his debuff resistance down after all.

Innocent Monster D is Phantom’s many widely beneficial skill, but its values aren’t spectacular. The defense down component deserve to be dangerous, and Masters would perform well to time it correctly against strong opponents. Level this an initial for both the cooldown reduction and increase in an important stars, although some levels perform not scale at all.

Phantom’s charm skill, Siren tune B, just works against members of the contrary sex. That is cooldown is long, and also at basic the success rate leaves other to it is in desired. Nonetheless, a couple of levels considerably improves that consistency at short cost, particularly in combination with mental Corruption. Level this second.

Mental Corruption A is Phantom’s final skill. It no only rises the success rate of Siren Song, but additionally provides him with a comprehensive amount of mental debuff resistance. Since mental debuffs are minimal to charm skills, man (Fuuma’s NP) and also Fear, its use is no very an effective in practice. Level this last, and also Masters could take into consideration leaving this in ~ level 4 for a low cost development to Siren Song’s success rate.

Craft significance Recommendation

While one could try to patch increase Phantom’s damage, master should very first consider raising his utility and also support. Added Passive an essential Star Generation substantially boosts his all at once support potential, while either Starting NP Gauge or NP Generation per Turn, room most advantageous for landing his NP either easily or lot of times. In addition, Debuff Success rate Up can seem redundant, yet will help ensure his NP actually sticks come the target (if they have actually debuff resistance). For Masters who carry out wish to improve Phantom’s damage, NP damage Up functions best, especially due to the fact that those CEs ridge well through the usual support picks.

His Rightful ar / Fragment that 2030: an additional heaping of vital stars helps patch increase the negative star generation on his Quick and synergizes well through Innocent Monster. His Rightful Place offers a perfect inbetween because that his star generation function and launching his NP quickly.

Kaleidoscope / Dragon’s Meridian / Prisma Cosmos: Launching Phantom’s NP easily to start any kind of debuff-chaining is regularly ideal. Prisma Cosmos is only more ideal for really long, very niche strategies.

Record Holder: The usual Shinji CE spook is actually quite potent versus Magic Resistant opponents who might not be hit by the debuff top top his NP. Typically one of the options over are much more useful though.

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Black Grail/Holy Night Supper/Golden Sumo: because that Masters who firmly insist on using Phantom for damage, these choices are the many useful. After ~ all, any type of Servant deserve to be made viable through the most specialized Masters.