Towards the finish of the main Story search of final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, you room asked to find a point out on the map… without a search marker (gasp!). If you’re stuck, or can’t it is in bothered, we’re walk to walk over how to discover the survey allude needed and also the City that the Ancients structure ar in FFXIV: Shadowbringers.

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Spoiler Warning: We’re talking about an finish of video game location in this guide. We’re no going to comment on the story in any kind of way, yet just in situation you gained here top top accident and you don’t want to be perhaps spoiled about an area in the direction of the end of the game, right here is her warning to click on off this page.

City the the Ancients key Story Quest location in FFXIV Shadowbringers

It’s pretty rarely for Yoshi-P and his dev team crew come ask football player to go almost everywhere in FFXIV without the help of a search marker, yet in one specific main story quest, City of the Ancients i m sorry takes ar in The Tempest, you’re asked come do just that. Hear it’s not that bad, all of FFXI was like this… MMORPG players this days!

Y’shtola offers you a good enough clue for the place of FFXIV’s City of the Ancients on the completion of the ahead objective: head in the direction of the northwest location of the map. Also, you know that you’re in search of a high enough location because that you to properly survey the building that you’re feather for.

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If you’re here, you desire the ar of the City the the Ancients to be made easy for you, so we’re going to do just that. Head come point: in The Tempest. You’re do the efforts to acquire up a hill overlooking a run-down structure. On your method of the structure, you’ll watch a inspection Point, research that to finish the objective. See the photo below because that the map and also structure you’re looking for.


That’s it! simple peasy. It’s back to service as usual with pursuit markers after that. That’s all you should know around the location that the City that the Ancients main Story pursuit survey suggest in FFXIV: Shadowbringers. Best of lucky the remainder of the means Warrior that Darkness!