I have actually a huge void in a piece of live sheet walnut and was in search of some concepts on filling it. I recognize I can cut clean edges and also then enhance a item to glue in it, but I would love to store the edge of the void if possible. The hammer provides some reference of how large the void is. Go anyone have any kind of thoughts?


Semi valuable stones, in other words nice gravel, placed a item of acrylic across the bottom that the hole and also scatter the stones in a class of epoxy.

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Add another layer to to fill the gaps, however I wouldn"t fill it come the surface.

Another approach would be to reduced bark and punky hardwood scraps and also epoxy them into the opening.

You could likewise route a small lip about the top of the hole and also cut a piece of glass or lexan to to fill it.

When a knot would come loose and be shed in Nakashima"s shop, they would often take a node from another board, and sculpt it come fit the void. This process I have actually no idea the details of...imagine it would be tricky, particularly with a hole that size. However if you could find some details on how it"s done...and discover yourself some large "ol knots somewheres...a possibility.

I prefer this alternative as a means of both celebrating the "imperfection" or expressing this item character and at the exact same time giving one surface without holes.

The semi-precious rock idea is also an extremely good.

This was a good topic. Ns don"t face this challenge today yet one day all these articles will aid me deal with a problem.

You could likewise route a small lip roughly the optimal of the hole and also cut a piece of glass or lexan to fill it.

I would fill it with a clear resin or epoxy. Ns would use the same resin come stabalize every the voids/knots. Just adhere wax paper to the bottom (or top), sealing the edges with painter"s tape, and remove when the resin set up. You"ll have actually a chore front of you come smooth and buff it, yet it need to look awesome!

I actually find it much easier to put the wax record on the finish side the the plank for the full voids (fill indigenous the back), and the underside because that knots. Sound crazy, ns know, yet you deserve to overfill the voids this way without as much elbow grease come flatten after. Permit gravity execute some that the hardwork for you.

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It should dry clear and when you complete the remainder of the top, it should feel smooth as glass (for much less $$). Its just my preference, yet I would certainly hate to check out it cut off or patched. Memory the woods character once you can!

I can"t think that the surname of the resin I usually use, however it is really simply super thick poly. Girlfriend can gain it in ~ any big box store, though it may be cheaper come look online for the amount you"ll it is in needing.