throughout the search "Missing In Action", i tried to take it a peaceful resolution to rescuing Thorald Gray-Mane and also decided to persuade the guards in ~ Northwatch store to let that go quite than sirloin in and kill castle all. Unfortunately, as soon as I gained there, points got...complicated. There"s no easy means into the Keep and the safety won"t permit me in there is no an order indigenous the royal Guard. Walk this typical I need to join the royal Guard to rescue him? Or is there some other method to guide these guards?


To carry out it, friend can shot one the the following:

Siding v the Grey-Manes/Battle-Borns once you go into Whiterun - This just has minor results on dialogue in ~ Whiterun.

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Nope! The only means to stop bloodshed (at the very least as the the existing version) is to simply not fight back. That"s possible, specifically at greater levels, but as far as I have the right to tell there"s no real benefit. You can still complete the quest, together I did, by failing the no bloodshed part and saving Thorald through force. Maybe following time the Thalmor will discover to simply agree once two people show up in ~ the door wreathed in flames and wearing the skeleton of dragons they"ve slain.

None of this should be shocking, together the quest can also glitch increase if you departure the dorn door, or pickpocket and also ask inquiries in the dorn order.

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It is possible to execute this mission, saving Thorald, and also not incurring any an unfavorable Failed missions. However you have to be tricky. Here"s just how it"s done.

The key is: perform not attack any type of enemies. You have the right to aggro them, yet don"t attack them.

Go to the north entrance to the within Keep. Run inside and train every enemy to the southerly entrance the the keep. After you train everything to the southern of the map, then run by them, healing yourself and also run as rapid as you have the right to to find Thorald. In ~ Thorald, unshackle him.

Now you can do one of two things. First, run ago to the phibìc exit. If you perform this then you should have actually no troubles as every the enemies are tho trying to path ago to you. The only worry with this is periodically the video game crashes once you leave this way with Thorald.

Second you deserve to run with the mobs to the south exit. Or you can use your Voice strength to send all the mobs come the far finish of the north hall. If you use your voice then they will certainly all walk up there and then you deserve to just stroll by come the southerly enrance.

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In either case, as lengthy as you perform NOT attack any kind of enemy, then Thorald won"t either, nor will certainly he be assaulted by the enemy. Just run out v him, and once external keep running till the opponents all leash ago to the keep.