Best answer: Fire Emblem: Three homes - seasons of war Edition comes v a physics copy of Fire Emblem: 3 Houses, and a SteelBook case, an arts book, a sound selection CD, and also a 2020 themed calendar.

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Alongside the game, you"ll obtain four additional collectible item if you salary extra because that the periods of warfare Edition. The game comes in a SteelBook situation decorated v the game"s artwork, i m sorry you"ll additionally see on the sheathe of one art book showing off other artwork from transparent Fire Emblem: 3 Houses. It additionally comes v a 2020 calendar that functions a different character native the video game for every month, and a sound selection CD the (presumably) has different tracks and sounds from the game. Every one of this comes in a larger, an ext decorative box 보다 the normal physical switch box.

Does the periods of warfare Edition come with any type of extra in-game content?


Unlike some other collector"s execution of the game, periods of warfare does not include added in-game content. The physics edition that the video game is precisely the exact same as the one you"ll acquire just by to buy the normal version the the location physically or digitally for $60.

Fire Emblem: Three houses is the recent Fire Emblem game and also the very first main Fire Emblem series title to appear on the Nintendo Switch. Despite its seasons of warfare Edition isn"t crucial to gain the game, it does encompass some interesting extras that will appeal come collectors and anyone who loves the Fire Emblem games. It is provided does seem to be limited at part retailers, though, so it"s ideal to store an eye out and pre-order because that its July 26 relax whenever you gain the chance.

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Fire Emblem: Three dwellings - periods of warfare Edition

Train a brand-new army

Fire Emblem: Three residences puts girlfriend in the pair of shoes not simply of a warrior, but likewise a professor who should train a batch of student troops come prepare them because that the unavoidable conflicts in between three an effective houses the lead the civilization you live in. This brand-new twist functions alongside the existing lovely mechanics of the Fire Emblem franchise in the latest entry of this tactical RPG series.

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