I was trying to re-install Windows through Bootcamp, and it was stuck at partitioning. I quit Bootcamp, and now in the disk utility I get this error, even when in recovery mode:

First Aid found corruption that needs to be repaired. To repair the startup volume, run First Aid from Recovery

I am backing it up right now, but how can I fix this? It"s my school computer with important stuff, so any help is appreciated. It"s a MacBook Pro (Retina, Late 2013) running macOS Sierra.

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Fixed my own problem:

I went into internet recovery mode (Cmd+Option+R) on startup and was able to repair the disk from disk utility inside of internet recovery. I guess it was cause recovery was on the disk I was trying to fix.


One key point that was left out - you have to mount the disk when using disk utility in recovery mode

Full solution:

Power downRestart in internet recovery mode (cmd + opt + R)Select disk utilitySelect the SSDClick “mount”Run first aidRestart

I was trying without mounting the disk. First Aid would appear to run like normal, but didn’t find anything to correct. Mounting the disk first enables First Aid to find and repair the issues.



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