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Who we Are

Parents' Day the end (PDO) is a warm, friendly, child-centered environment. The PDO regime at FirstPresbyterian Church the Arlington Heights has been offer the community since 1978. Our routine is in procedure September with May, Monday–Friday, 5 days per week.Our hrs are 9:30 am– 1:30 pm.We accept youngsters 6 month of period through 5 years of age (pre-Kindergarten).Children can attend one, two, or 3 days every week.

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The PDO employee havebeen screened, have actually met all child-protective requirements, and also have been trained in Epi-Pen, CPR, and also AED administration. Many of ours PDO teachers have actually been on employee for an ext than10 years.

Each boy who attends our regimen will experience a day consisting the crafts, gymtime, story time, singing, and educationaland free-time activities.Our love andqualified to teach staffencourage learning through interaction, experience, and also play. We have a creative coordinator on employee to aid the teacher in the everyday lesson planning, along with extra employee to help when needed.

Questions? E-mailColeen Anzalone, director of Parents' work Out, or call847-253-5516.


2017-2018PDO Year

Registration Schedule

Sunday, February 12, 2017 /12:00 pmPDO Sunday: it is registered is open for church members and PDO board members

Sunday, February 19, 2017 /12:00 pm PDO alumni; right now enrolled students and future siblings

Sunday, February 26, 2017 /12:00 pmWait-listfamilies from the 2016-2017 year

Wednesday, march 1, 2017 /12:00 pm Registration is open to the public.



Classrooms space filled ~ above a first-come basis. Registration is completed online. Come enroll, click the Registration attach below. As soon as we get your registration request, you will get a login password and also a payment attach to make her registration fee payment. Payment should be obtained within three days to insurance a clues in the program.

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REGISTRATION FEES (nonrefundable)

$50 because that enrolling 1 day every week

$65 for enrolling 2 days every week

$80 because that enrolling 3 days every week


There space ninemonthly tuition payments. The firstmonth’s tuition is due on or before June 1.This payment covers the upcoming September tuition payment and also is nonrefundable.All monthly payments room paid one month in advance.The staying eightpayments space due through the first of every month, beginning in September. VIEW THE TUITION SCHEDULE.