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You know I flaunt ya, cause' girl ns really want yaAnd you looking nice, got me cooler 보다 a bag the iceNow freeze, freeze, freeze, currently goDrop it fast and move it genuine slow(Ohhh!, What?!)What, you odor so fruityI'm a pirate and you're my booty (Arghh!)So move it in closeAnd permit me have actually my day-to-day dose (Oh!)Girl, I've been thinking around you, thinking around meWhat girlfriend think around it?Five fingaz to the face(Eh, eh, reh, rew)Five fingaz to the face(Woo, eh, eh, ehh)Oh, it's prefer thatFive fingaz to the faceFive fingaz to the face(Eh, eh, eh, ehh)I love Martina, Vanessa, and also GeorginaIt's a ladies choice, therefore I'ma make certain to make part noise(Ho, oh)And currently we're sweating, gained my turbo engine revving (Vroom!)They stop and also stare, every the haters think it's just not fairThat I'm 6 foot one and I'm loads of funAnd I'm around to put this club in gearSo fellas grab a cup, (What!)All my women you recognize what's up, (Yeah!)Put your hands to the skies if you're emotion fly, and also tell me that you, what?Cause' I'm the man in charge, and also ya recognize I'm living largeI got a huge white house and also a fancy yacht, and a garage complete of classic cars
What you talking 'bout boy, oh calm downI know you don't think you have the right to just come up in here and buy me!Come on, you understand what I got for youFive fingaz come the face(Eh, eh, reh, rew)Five fingaz to the face(Woo, eh, eh, ehh)Five fingaz to the face(Yip, rih-pih-pih, reh rew)Five fingaz come the face(Eh, eh, eh, ehh, Yeah!)Ohhh!Word