The text of this five Finger fatality Punch track make it read like a beef song. Indeed through a title like “War Is the Answer”, that is somewhat apparent that the narrator has bloody dispute on his mind.

And the receiver is who who has been ‘talking sh-t’ behind his back, i.e. Saying bad things about the singer as soon as he isn’t around.

So in the first verse and also bridge, he is call this person out, letting him know that once they do accomplish it is in reality on.

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And top top the surface, the second verse alludes come the idea that that narrator is an opponent who is no going to go away easily. Yet there are additionally some depths statements consisted of therein, recommendations to “eat(ing) with the beast”, “run(ning) with the wolves” and what have actually you.

And those shall we say more-general metaphors actually suggest to the reality that the definition of this song is a lot deeper than just serving together a beef song.


Zoltan explains the meaning of “War is the Answer”

According to five Finger death Punch mainstay Zoltan Bathory, what this tune actually speaks to is the violent nature of man.

That is come say the “war”, in varying capacities, is one ever-present element in our stays due to, together Bathory explained, “a lot of civilization in the civilization who value their own joy over… others”.

Speaking come Metal Hammer, Zoltan additionally went on to elaborate that that is such individuals whom he is in reality damning on this track. So v that in mind we have the right to postulate the the previously mentioned addressee is someone that is trying come take advantage of the singer in the name of forwarding his very own goals.

And in solution the singer has adopted an aggressive, also hostile disposition that his very own towards this human being since, after all, “war is the answer”.

Man is naturally Violent

Also in going earlier to the highly-symbolic second verse, the vocalist seems to be insinuating the if you monitor a details path in life, wanting to be down through the “beast” and also “wolves” so come speak, then you must be willing to in reality the consequences.

And in the grand scheme of the song, it have the right to be claimed that that is speak to one idea together as details cultures and societies, regardless of perhaps gift alluring, are additionally inherently violent.

But once again going ago to his own an individual tiff, it is obvious that the singer has adopted a disposition akin come ‘it’s ideal to struggle fire through fire’.

However, in when again going earlier to Bathory’s explanation, this no intended to it is in a track that in reality propagates dispute or vengeance or anything prefer that. Instead that is supposed to suggest to the idea, once again, that beef and also other creates of interpersonal discontent are component and parcel of life on this Earth.

Five Finger death Punch

Five Finger death Punch, a group whose moniker to be in reality influenced by karate movies, map their origins earlier to ras Vegas, having formed there in 2005.

Since then they have actually put together quite an extensive discography, dropping eight studio albums in between 2007 and also 2020 for instance.

And this details song is the title track of the 2nd of those efforts. It came out via Spinefarm Records and also Prospect Park documents on 22 September 2009. 

And just note even though six singles were released from the project, “War Is the Answer” (the song) to be not among them.

The composition of five Finger fatality Punch has fluctuated transparent the years. Guitarist Zoltan Bathory is in reality the just member down from job one that is still about as the the onset of the 2020s.

And the various other members that the crew who participated top top this song/album room as follows:

Jason Hook (guitar)Ivan Moody (vocals)Matt Snell (bass) Jeremy Spencer (drums)

And no one of those 4 with the exception of Moody room still energetic in the band as of the 2020s.

And just to note, as at 2021 the various other members of 5 Finger fatality Punch besides Bathory and also Moody are:

Charlie Engen (drums)Any James (guitar) kris Kael (bass)

Writing Credits the “War is the Answer”

The abovementioned five tape members that participated ~ above the War Is the Answer album are likewise individually attributed as the writers of this track.

And the whole Five Finger fatality Punch collectively is identified as that is producer, having achieved that feat alongside the completed Kevin Churko.

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Interesting come note…

Five Finger fatality Punch’s biggest hit tune to day has to be 2018’s “Blue or Black”, which controlled to optimal three Billboard charts (Hard absent Digital tune SalesMainstream Rock and Rock Digital track Sales).

And as far as your albums go, 2013’s “The Wrong next of Heaven and the Righteous next of Hell, Vol. 1” reached number 2 on the Billboard 200 and also has achieved RIAA platinum-certified status.