1. Us don’t desire to do it too straightforward to rearrange the city. The lacking option come rotate buildings makes the video game more an overwhelming – prefer a puzzle.

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2. The buildings are at this time only animated from one angle. To include a rotate function would average to overhaul every existing buildings and also animate them indigenous all type of angles. Us would rather invest this time in cool brand-new features.

If friend don’t have actually enough room in her city, you have the right to sell your existing structures or rearrange the city to usage the easily accessible area more efficiently.

How do I get population?

You deserve to increase your populace by building an ext residential buildings. If you don’t have enough totally free space in girlfriend city – shot researching new, much better residential buildings and also building them instead of the old ones.

Each era has actually different varieties of residential buildings, which one of two people grant much more population or produce an ext coins. You can unlock them in the research study Tree. They’re additionally some an excellent Buildings, which provide you much more inhabitants, like the Tower the Babel, the Capitol or the innovation Tower.

If you boost your populace too lot without having enough Happiness, it may happen, that your inhabitants come to be unhappy. So make sure, the you constantly have sufficient Happiness.

How deserve to I cancel productions?

In order come cancel the manufacturing of a building you first need to enter it to buy tabbing ~ above it. You will certainly then see, which production is currently energetic and how long it will certainly still run.

Supply Building:

Enter the building and hit the red Cancel-Button in order come cancel the production. You will have to confirm this once and the prodction is canceled.

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Goods Building:

Enter the building and hit the red Cancel-Button in order come cancel the production. Girlfriend will should confirm this once and the manufacturing is canceled.


Military Buildings:

Enter the building and hit the red X-Button in order to cancel the production. You will should confirm this once and also the prodction is canceled.


How can I release the building of a building?

You can’t release the building and construction of the build by simply entering the building. The just option easily accessible there, is to end up it v diamonds.

Therefore you need to open the Build-Menu first. After that, please click the Sell-Button on optimal which look choose a $-Sign. After that click the construction you want to cancel and also simply offer the building:


You will certainly get ago all the residents you used up for the construction however only a part of the supplied ressources.

Can i store buildings in the inventory?

Yes, it is feasible to store specific buildings in your inventory.

For this friend would require a one-of-a-kind item, the: Store structure Item


This items allows you to save special event structures from her city back to your inventory. Normal structures can’t be stored, because those have the right to be construct anytime (with the required ressources) indigenous the construct Menu. If you keep a army building, climate you will lock all unlocked slot again, therefore make sure you really want to store those buildings.

How does the work?

Open her inventory and select the Store building Item and also click top top ‘Use’:


You will certainly then watch a box icon above every building you deserve to put back into her inventory. Click on the structure you desire to store. You will then see, what girlfriend will shed (population / happiness), once the structure is stored and also need to confirm the process.


If girlfriend clicked ~ above the not correct building, then just click on ‘Cancel’ in the construction window. If you want to publication the entirety store process, then click on the red cancel-button underneath the forge suggest bar.

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For every solitary building you desire to store, friend will need one Store structure Item.

How can I gain the Store structure Item?

You can gain the Store building Item from miscellaneous occasions ingame:

Event RewardGuild ExpeditionsSpecial revenue Offer

My citizens are unhappy. What have to I do?

Pay fist to the morale of your civilization – if they space happy and also satisfied, they will certainly serve girlfriend better! A disgruntled population is substantially less productive and even refuses to walk to war for you or trade. For this reason take care that your people always happy or even delighted. You can accomplish this by building decorations and social buildings. Progressed roads also administer for happy citizens and some great Buildings like the Hagia Sophia, Frauenkirche that Dresden or the Alcatraz.

You will acquire your people enthusiastic once you will reach 40% that your population as extra happiness. This will offer you a +20% in the direction of your coins and also supplies production.

To tell just how much pleasure you need based on your population, simply multiply your current population by 1.4.


Unhappy population – productivity is in ~ 50%


Happy populace – efficiency is in ~ 100%


Enthusiastic population – efficiency is in ~ 120%

How have the right to I upgrade my structures to the following age(s)?

They’re different items in the game, which enable you to upgrade event buildings to the next age(s).

What you have to be aware off:

All those items room consumables – therefore you need one item every buildingAll those items deserve to never advanced the age of the buildings above your present ageOnly Multi-Age buildings can it is in upgraded (no structures with fixed periods e.g. Goods- or Supply buildings or every age structures e.g. Rogue Hideouts)Those items have the right to be gathered throughout Events, Daily obstacles or Guild Expeditions

Renovation Kit


The remodeling Kit upgrades one event building to your existing age – also if the building is multiple periods underneath your current age.

Example: Your present age is the early american Age and you want to upgrade a building from the iron Age. It will be collection to the colonial Age through the renovation Kit.

One increase Kit


The One increase Kit upgrades one event structure to the next structure age and not come the player age.

Example: Your current age is the colonial Age and also you want to update a building from the stole Age. It will be collection to the beforehand Middle age with the One up Kit.

Special building Upgrade Kits

We have actually various Special structures in the game, which deserve to be upgraded to one more level, favor the Cider Mill, the pillar of Heroes or the structures from the Cherry Garden collection and more. Every of those structures has their own upgrade kit, i m sorry upgrades them come the following level.

During this upgrade, the buildings are also collection to the present player age.

Example: Your present age is the early american Age and you desire to upgrade the Cider Mill (Iron Age) through the Cider Mill upgrade to the bloomed Cider Mill. The blooming Cider Mill will certainly be in colonial Age, too.

How can I usage the different Upgrade Kits?

All different species of Upgrade kits are used the same:

1. Open up your inventory and search for the wanted Upgrade Kit. The click the ‘Use’-Button:


2. Every buildings, which deserve to be upgraded through the selected items are significant with a star in her city.

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3. Click on the structure you desire to update to the following age and confirm the process.