The largest boat show in the world, The ft Lauderdale International boat show (FLIBS), simply took location over November 3-7 in the yachting resources of the world, ft Lauderdale, Florida. End 100,000 visitors enjoyed viewing billions the dollar’s worth of high-end yachts and vessels, marine equipment, the latest electronics and also everything in between.

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The organizers because that the show have outdone themselves again; there was some great live music on arrival, and also the setting was upbeat and bustling from start to complete - maintaining all exhibitors and also boat owners an extremely busy over the four days. In fact there were over 1000 exhibitors current at FLIBS, representing 30 countries.

A highlight from the show was Feadship’s Savanah, the luxury superyacht, which make its people debut in ~ the show. In ~ 83.5 meters (274 ft), the ‘floating superstructure’ is multi award-winning and also features the latest and most innovative technology there is to sell on luxury yachts. Other superyacht world-debuts had Heesen Yacht’s job Cayman and Oceanco’s Spectrum.



The StereoActive tank in ~ the fusion stand to be a showstopper. Together attendees to walk past and also enquired around the new, award-winning portable maritime stereo, the combination team would drop the StereoActive into the tank that water to demonstrate that the is water resistant and also it can float!

The feedback to be phenomenal and the general consensus was this: what’s the point in having actually a waterproof stereo, if the sinks? gift IPx7 rated and being able to float in the water to be a huge highlight that the StereoActive for countless visitors.


We additionally launched the brand-new MS-RA55 entertain system, FUSION’s newest compact stereo. The MS-RA55 displayed the well-loved combination high quality, in ~ a competitive price and with popular features from combination including A2DP Bluetooth Wireless technology, Multi-Zone an innovation and an IPx5 water resistance rating.

Attendees that were treated to live demonstrations of our premier Signature collection range of speakers and subwoofers walked away converted come the strength of music.

The blend booth to be busy best through indigenous Thursday v to Sunday morning. A enormous 500 blend aliens had actually gone by work 4! They showed to it is in hugely renowned with children and also folks that were enjoying some beers at the show.

As the largest event on the an international boat show calendar, FLIBS didn’t disappoint exhibitors no one visitors. Even the rain on Friday didn’t protect against thousands of visitors packing the end the tent in order to watch the latest and also greatest in the maritime industry.

FUSION thoroughly enjoyed our time in ~ FLIBS and we get to perform it every again next week METS, among the largest watercraft shows in Europe.

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For more information top top the new StereoActive, view here. Examine out the full ft Lauderdale 2016 picture gallery here.