Open, for sure shooting, low an essential events weekly, and also fun because that everyone

Four Corners rod & Gun club is a member based range. Many of our events are open up to the public for a small fee. Click on the member tab or button over for an ext information. We are still accepting new members.

A ar to shooting

Have accessibility to a private variety nearly every job of the year. Plenty of events are open to public each month. Check out the CALENDAR web page for upcoming shoots.

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something for anyone

From an at home 50 foot variety for rimfire .22 the end to 200 yards for her rifles, four Corners has actually something because that everyone. Fun shoots each week space a good place come practice and also meet various other shooters. We have an energetic youth program and also special events for females as well. The facility has actually three varieties for firearms, a known distance archery variety and a season 3D archery field.


Safety first

With rules the emphasize safety, we desire everyone to have a fun and also safe endure at the club. Brand-new member"s orientation helps shooters start off right.

Reminder - No Steel main point / Armor Piercing Ammo

Range rules prohibit the usage of any steel core / armor piercing / "Penetrator" rounds at any of ranges. This is primarily for two reasons; the destroys the club steel targets and also hangers and also for the boosted risk of fire and also ricochet as result of the bullet material. 223 / 5.56 "green tip" ammo practically always has a steel core or material and is not allowed on the range. Over there are many surplus sources for army ammo that market ammunition with steel cores or components which space not necessarily shown on the packaging or description. Black color tips are one more common marking for AP ammo, specifically surplus armed forces rounds. Please make sure your ammo does no contain steel components in the bullets. You can test this easily with a magnet. If the magnet is attracted to the bullet, it has steel and please don"t shoot it at the range. Over there are numerous magnets now hanging around the range for her use however we recommend checking prior to you make the trip. Stole casing is permitted (the part not coming out of the barrel)! countless Eastern European service providers such as Tula, Wolf and also even Winchester make ammo through steel casing rather of brass. Please reach out to united state if friend have any kind of questions.


Veterans Day event at the Club

On Veterans Day, Thursday, November 11th, the club is hosting an occasion for Veterans in the area. The occasion will be from 11:00am till 2:00pm in the club Short variety Building. The occasion is being carried out by Dr. Angela Plowhead, and Air pressure Veteran, along with the Veterans Administration. There will certainly be sources for Veterans concerned housing, help for Veterans, mental health services and also other associated programs. Veterans who are members the the club and also the public space welcome. There will certainly be part door prizes at the occasion from sponsors including Glock, Vortex Optics and Leupold. Us are also looking for volunteer to assist with the event. Please call Rick Reitz for more information. The Short variety will it is in closed during this event.

The "Buck Board" is increase in the quick Range

There is a location for friend to article your deer and also elk harvests because that the year currently up in the Short variety building. Write-up your picture (from 2021 hunts only) on the board. There will certainly be awards for the optimal deer and elk posted. Make sure your name and phone number space on the photo. Awards will be provided out in ~ the December 2021 general meeting. Just members are allowed to enter.

We will have actually a buck bragging page on the December newsletter too so feel free to send your images and also hunt stories to info


Short range Safety Area Addition

There is a brand-new addition to the 50 garden area top top the brief range. Come the far left (north) next of range, behind the shoot benches over there is currently a safety and security area for managing firearms under particular circumstances. Primarily this will be offered during disciplines for work like remove / replacing firearms in cases and also making minor repairs on unloaded guns. NO LIVE AMMUNITION IS allowed IN THE safety AREA. This has clearing malfunctions wherein there is live ammo in the firearm. This should constantly be excellent while on the firing line with the firearm pointed in a safe direction (i.e., the berm / backstop).

During normal range operations casing and uncasing of weapons should be carried out on the firing heat benches v the muzzle spicy down range at all times. Many other work such together minor repairs, vision adjustments and other manipulations should additionally be excellent while in ~ the shooting benches.

Concealed Handgun Class

The 4 Corners Gun society Educational foundation is again providing our surprise handgun course (CCW) in December. This course goes well beyond the basic Oregon requirements and is intended because that those who space seeking a deeper understanding right into the ideas of carrying a surprise handgun. The course contains an NRA qualification, indigenous the holster, which suggests you have actually gone well beyond the simple CHL requirements. Other subjects encompass situational awareness, concealmentgarments / holsters / drawing from concealment, write-up shooting procedures and also many various other topics related to safely and also effectively transferring a handgun for your and also your family"s protection. Much more information is located on the Ed structure page or you deserve to visit the NRA website for details and also to sign up. FCGC members receive a discount because that the course. Authorize up at an early stage as the last course filled quickly.

Willamette valley Pistol Team Meeting

The Willamette sink Pistol organization has referred to as its annual meeting because that Sunday, Nov. 14, at 1:00 pm. The meeting will be organized in the Short range building and the selection will remain open to member use. If you room interested in an ext information about the pistol team please call Scott McGraw. This team shoots versus other teams in the valley utilizing .22 pistols.

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The Good, The negative & The Ugly

As the shooters gathered at the Short range on the morning of respectable 28, 2021 for the reserved “The Good, The Bad, and also the Ugly” Movie theme Shoot the props for the shoot had…

September 3, 2021

peak Shot 2021

Sometime back in the 80"s once hair was large and Miami vice was playing on our (non-big screen) TV"s, the club had a shoot decathlon that sorts. Many thanks to Neil D. And the help…

August 3, 2021

freedom Day 2021 shoot

July 4th, freedom Day, and also what much better way come celebrate than with breakfast and also a shoot. And also so it to be for the dozen shooters who arrived on the Lower variety on the morning…

July 12, 2021

Dale Basl Memorial Bowling pin Shoot

Ten participants proved up at the short variety on the morning of June 26, 2021 come celebrate the memory of member Dale Basl through participating in the Dale Basl Memorial Bowling Pin…

June 27, 2021

The rain continued to be away just long enough to allow for a good sized group of handgunners to walk head to head versus each various other on stole targets. The activity was fast and the…

March 15, 2021

January Night shoots 2021

Two an ext night shooting in January interrupt the calm and also cool 4 Corners evenings. Nineteen shooters enjoyed an intermission from the rain ~ above Friday the 8th to ring part steel…

January 9, 2021

For general club details please encompass your name and contact details below. Walk to the call US web page to with a details person (Executive Committee member, Education foundation board, match Directors, range Masters, CAJRC, Pistol Team or Webmaster.