Greets! i am making use of MATLAB for my last Year Project. I simply want come ask what is intended by Error: function definitions space not permitted in this context. This is the an initial part the the coding. It claims that function facetest | Error: duty definitions space not permitted in this context.

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I already save the file as facetest.m and also it appear the very same error. Can anyone teach me exactly how to deal with this problem? Thanks

The error method that you space not allowed to specify a function file inside a script file. Create your ‘facetest’ as a separate record in the MATLAB Editor(open a new tab) and also then save it together facetest.m. Watch the documentation on duty Basics for details.


eventhogh iam submitting over program v name is reflecting the exact same error together undefined function or variable v if iam making use of run option.but if i run it in command home window it is running

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