Night In The Woods was an outstanding indie title from a few years ago, and here are 15 titles for those who just couldn"t get enough of it.

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Night in the Woods, Knights and Bikes, Mutazione
Night in the Woods was released back in 2017, v players and critics both falling in love with its comedy, narrative, characters, and also art style. That is well-known to be one of the much more unique video games the end there in its themes of secret and farming up. The story additionally has moments of significant emotional depth, and also humorous dialogue. The stands as among the finest indie adventure video game titles the end there.

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With autumn now falling upon us, plenty of gamers space nostalgic because that Night in the Woods, i beg your pardon is a game that has fall scenes and intrigue approximately every corner. It have the right to be complicated for a Night in the Woods fan to discover a comparable game. Luckily, Night in the Woods stands now as motivation for various other games. Not just that, however there are comparable hidden gems the fans should certainly look into.

Updated on in march 1, 2021, by Allison Stalberg: Games prefer Night in the Woods space getting an ext and more popular. Players are wanting more games that check out the mysteries of daily life through the eyes of characters that reflect the experiences and also attitudes that millennials and Generation Z. When it have the right to be funny to save human beings in last Fantasy or death gods in God of War, gamers are beginning to watch for more games v stories and characters that they can relate to. Such games can have magic and also mystery, yet they space grounded in a modern-day world with the eye of characters that are unlikely heroes.

15 Oxenfree

Oxenfree is comparable to Night in the Woods for various reasons. The is likewise a coming-of-age story, yet one that also tells a story the is a superordinary adventure mystery. You play as Alex and also a group of teenage friends that visit one island for a weekend party. Every one of them space rich in personality and carry some baggage/drama because of some previous events.

The friends find a dimensional rift, and everything falls apart. There space time loops, possession, and also many other supernatural occurrences. Playing as Alex, you acquire to choose how to manage various situations and also her dialogue. The game has lot of endings relying on your choices.

Celeste in the snow by a cabin and old man.
taken into consideration to be one of the best games to come out in 2018, Celeste is around a young mrs climbing a mountain. However, it is much an ext than that, as the young girl does for this reason while confronting inside demons. Like Night in the Woods, the story and also characters room the best component of the game. Players can conveniently identify v the protagonist and feel a great sense that satisfaction at the end.

Also, in a similar taste come Night in the Woods, the video game has LGBTQIA2s+ representation.

released in at an early stage 2020, this game is a point-and-click adventure. Similar to Night in the Woods, it to be crowdfunded native the platform, Kickstarter. The is a big deal, together it means a lot of of world saw and had belief in the game. The video game received crucial acclaim for many of the same reasons as Night in the Woods. Players and also critics loved its visual art, characters, themes, and also atmosphere.

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The narrative complies with a truck driver named Conway together he meets human being through his journey down the fictional course Zero the Kentucky. The video game has a full of 5 acts.

Girl and also old man sitting external surrounded by plants.
This an innovative story takes place 100 years after a meteor reduce on a resort and also mutated the neighborhood populace. Those that survived made a little town, and that is where the game takes place. The players play the role of a 15-year-old named Kai, who is caring for her ailing grandfather.

The game centers on tiny town gossip, drama, and mystery. Like Night in the Woods, Mutazione is a quirky point-and-click adventure. Like many of the games of its kind, it is short but lovingly made.

Even plenty of non-gamers have heard that Undertale by now. Practically the whole game to be made through one man, Toby Fox, and also became a sensation because that his hilarious as well as heartfelt writing. It has actually been dubbed a cult video clip game by many publications because of the fandom that rose from its creation.

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the doesn"t share lot with Night in the Woods in terms of gameplay and also mechanics, yet it go share the humor, wit, and deep moments. If you room a completionist, Undertale will additionally take much longer to beat.

Loved for its summary art style, emotional story, music, and LGTQIA2S+ representation, If Found is a video game that works choose an interactive intuitive novel. The video game is around Kasio, and her ruining her diary. Players acquire to discover her experiences throughout the month of December 1993.

plenty of reviews have noted that they required tissues, together the story can bring some tears to the eye. The only objections are the the ending feels a little bit abrupt, the video game is short, and the gameplay is an extremely basic.

This point-and-click adventure video game was released in 2018. Players manage a regional handyman, Harper, who investigates a mysterious virus the is death the citizen of Yelltown.

like Night in the Woods, the game creates a an excellent balance between serious and funny content. In one more similarity, the game as a unique visual format that separates it from countless other games. Unlike Night in the Woods, it also has superb voice acting.

Unlike other games similar to Night in the Woods, Knights and Bikes has the capacity to be a co-op video game for 2 players. Players take the roles of Nessa and Demelza, childhood girlfriend who space exploring and also adventuring together with their goofy antics and imagination.

Knights and also Bikes has actually been compared to Night in the Woods because that its simple gameplay and also incredibly strong narrative. Nessa and also Demelza room adorable and chaotic, and the video game matches their imagination by mixing their very own adventure stories with reality.

This is another title that was crowdfunded through a Kickstarter. It to be released in 2017 and also got high ratings because that its humor, setting, and interesting characters. A Kotaku review described the video game as combining "the creepiness of Twin Peaks v the humor of Monkey Island in one stylish, effective package."

football player don"t play just one, however five personalities in this story. The is a neo-noir an enig set in 1987 v a bizarre world to explore and also many mysteries to solve.

Both Life is Strange and its sequel room coming-of-age stories with a supernatural twist. Both gamings follow teenagers whose lives gain turned upside down because of the exploration of superpowers. Regarding which game is better, that is a debate.

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What majorly sets itself apart from Night in the Woods is the Life is Strange franchise take away itself an ext seriously in that is tragedies and also brutal moments. What they have in usual is memorable young characters versus the world of adults. They also both choice-oriented games.

This game takes location in a small town in i beg your pardon a double homicide take it place. Girlfriend play together Detective stone as you try to fix the killing mystery. Favor Night in the Woods, the focus is mostly put into the story instead of puzzles—in various other words, don"t suppose some kind of Resident Evil level puzzle—and the topics the story goes into are dark and also not suited because that young kids. However, the finishing is uplifting.

reviews on steam have stated that the video game reminds castle of Twin Peaks and Night in the Woods. Its ending message appears to be similar to Night in the Woods, together well, i m sorry is that small moments in life room important.

if this game is very much prefer Night in the Woods, a complaint by players is the the ending is no satisfying and feels unfinished. Regardless of that, though, critics and players have offered the video game mostly confident reviews.

The story is collection in a sleepy town, and also you play together Jenny, whose life gets turned about when her mommy is accused that murder. Jenny sets out on a quest to clear her mother"s name. Favor Night in the Woods, that is cute, funny, heartwarming, and sometimes scary. Unlike Night in the Woods, it additionally has voice acting.

released in 2017, this point-and-click adventure video game has the player taking on the role of Detective Francis McQueen. McQueen is the lead investigator that the Darkside department at pair Lakes. That investigates the most bizarre and wacky situations with are an funny mix that horror and comedy.

like Night in the Woods, the narrative and dialogue are deserve to be cheeky and also give friend a the majority of laughs. Players deserve to easily uncover themselves clicking every object just to view what funny statements will certainly pop-up.

at first, Firewatch can seem quite different from Night in the Woods. Girlfriend play an larger man and don"t check out other personalities in human being as you work-related in the center of i do not have anything to look out for fires in the Shoshone nationwide Forest.

However, you do have actually your walkie-talkie and can have really amusing talks/flirtations with your boss. Like Night in the Woods, the narrative progressively turns into a thrilling mystery. It stands as one of the best indie games to come out this past decade.

Released fairly recently, Nuts has actually players take it on the role of the rookie field researcher that is examining squirrels. The game has been contrasted to Firewatch due to the truth that the player has actually an isolating project in the woods and a mysterious plot begins to unfold during their work.

The layout of the video game is pretty unique as well, providing it a surrealist edge. Nuts is a tiny short, but the content is affluent in that art, sound design, story, and also puzzles.

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