Rap stars Lil Wayne and also Kodak black were on the perform of more than 140 human being who were granted pardons or had their sentences commuted by outgoing us President Donald trumped on his last full day in the job.

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They to be joined through Michael "Harry-O" Harris, co-founder that seminal lab label death Row Records, after ~ Snoop Dogg campaigned on his behalf.

While the omission the Tiger King star Joe Exotic from grandfather Trump's list went against some expectations, here's a look in ~ why clemency to be granted come the three hip-hop aficionados.

Image source, Reuters

Lil Wayne - genuine name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr - pleaded guilty to a federal tools charge last year.

The 38-year-old was found to be moving a gun and also bullets as soon as police searched a private plane in Miami in December 2019. He challenged up to 10 year in prison.

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He is additionally one the the best stars in rap, with five US number one albums and an ext top 40 singles than any type of other artist apart from Drake. The met and also appeared come endorse chairman Trump during the election campaign late critical year, praising his work-related on criminal reform.

potus as well as what he’s done so far with criminal reform, the platinum setup is going to give the neighborhood real ownership. He listened come what we had to say today and also assured he will and also can get it done.