Baker Hughes and Augury announcement Alliance come Add an equipment Health capability to Baker Hughes Asset performance Portfolio

We develop and deploy the most advanced technologies to offer energy and also industrial suppliers looking for an ext efficient, more reliable and also cleaner solutions. Our varied portfolio of technologies and also solutions are transforming how industry works today and in the future.

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Our oilfield an innovation and services aid you run efficiently and predictably, ensuring that projects are executed right the first time and assets consistently carry out at height productivity. Our portfolio is enriched by digitalization, synthetic intelligence and automation ability that allow remote operations, alleviate risk, and drive decarbonization efforts.

Helping our client with manufacturing enhancement, maximizing recovery end the life-of-field, and also reducing costs.

As a leader in the LNG industry for the last 30 years, our vast suite the solutions provide greater efficiency and access across LNG operations. From our best-in-class gas wind turbines to our power solutions, we provide vital technology because that LNG projects.

Over thirty years of industry-leading services for permanent reliability, availability, and project success.

Our commercial technologies improve performance for hefty and procedure industries. Our strength generation solutions in the 5-20MW range, and our compression capabilities and also digital solutions help serve industries to deliver far better performance.

Setting criter in efficiency, availability, reliability, and flexibility if minimizing expenses of ownership.
Our energy technology solutions are helping energy and industrial companies achieve their ambitions on the course to network zero. We are delivering the most efficent solutions today and investing later on decarbonization of the power system.
Our energy technology helps industry development on the route to net-zero and a sustainable energy future.
Our remedies transform work by bringing together the power of data, analytics and also automation to achieve an ext with much less impact. Ours asset administration capabilities boost reliability and reduce unplanned downtime.
We deploy digital operations, monitoring and also testing capabilities come securely serve crucial industries approximately the world. Ours customers benefit from better insights, improved safety, and lower operational prices with our wide variety of remote operation solutions.
Deploying digital operations and monitoring capabilities to securely serve an important industries roughly the world.
Expertise and resources to connect your people, data, and machines to increase value and performance.
A new method to attain exceptional drilling performance, precise well placement and also superior wellbore quality.

Watch on-demand the 22nd execution of our annual thought management forum bringing together energy leaders from approximately the globe.

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Download our function report for our view on just how hydrogen deserve to assume a prominent function in the global energy transition.

Wendy Lam builds partnerships in energy transition technology. She defines why achieving net zero requires new and varied ways that thinking.