Award Winning client Service:

Shown below are some awards we have won for outstanding customer service. And also here space a few words from among our raving clients:

“Each time we come to your fantastic clinic i am reminded of how professional, compassionate and also friendly everyone is. You males are the best. I don’t know exactly how you do it, but you carry out it 100% of the time.”

Nancy Slocum, Creve Coeur, Mo


Voted the peak Two animal Hospitals in St. Charles ar (out that 46 Hospitals) in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and also 2016 by the citizens of St. Charles County*!


Compassionate Doctors and Staff That will certainly Treat You and Your Pet like Family:

“Everyone there provides the time to answer every one of our many questions and concerns. The employee is really compassionate and also understanding. Lock treat us prefer family.”

Joan Hunt, Florissant, Mo

We room Privately, Family-Owned, not a nationwide Corporate Chain:

Unlike large, nationally owned, corporate chains, ours primary emphasis is customer service, no corporate profits.

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“It was around 12 minutes previous closing however I to be greeted with a smile, and also she took the moment to let me make my purchase. An extremely nice and attentive ladies. If it were a chain store, they would certainly not have bothered to open the door and also welcome me in. It is warm business like that, i m sorry will keep me coming back.”

Jean Harper, O’Fallon, Mo

Affordable Pricing:

Unlike the huge corporate-owned hospitals, we carry out not have high-priced executives to run the show. And also we pass this to save on come you

“We have actually been going to a different vet for 15 years with different pets – and also we are currently switching to you guys. Services are much much more affordable and an excellent customer service.”

Lisa Buckles, Lake St. Louis, Mo

Going the Extra Step:

Our goal is not simply to satisfy you but to go past your expectations.

“(The doctor) in reality took ours Pomeranian home with the for several days to carry out medication and also for observation. That’s above and beyond.”

Charles Dobbins, Chesterfield, Mo

Only the ideal Doctors:

Our medical professionals require double as much continuing education as required by state regulation ensuring that your pet will never be a victim that a absence of knowledge.

“(The doctor) offered my brand-new pet a much more thorough exam than any other of mine pets have had actually in the previous at other clinics”.

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Colleen Jones, O’Fallon, Mo

*voted by the citizen of St Charles ar in the yearly Suburban journal Reader’s Poll.