In order to survive and also thrive in today"s gaue won markets, you must seriously consider the usage of choices in your invest endeavors. Options permit you to gain the same benefits together an outright stock or commodity trade, however with less risk and also less money ~ above the line. The reality is, girlfriend can accomplish everything with choices that friend would v stocks or commodities?at much less cost?while obtaining a much higher percentage return on her invested dollars. After plenty of years together a market machine in the trenches of the new York Mercantile Exchange, couple of analysts know exactly how to do money trading alternatives like writer Lee Lowell. In this well-rounded resource, Lowell shows both stock and commodity option traders specifically what works and also what doesn"t.

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Filled with comprehensive insight and expert advice, acquire Rich with choices provides you with the knowledge and also strategies required to attain optimal results within the alternatives market. The book quickly covers the basics?how alternatives are priced, strike price selection, the usage of Delta, and using volatility come one"s advantage?before moving on come the four options trading methods that have actually helped Lowell benefit in this arena time and again: buying deep-in-the-money speak to options, selling naked puts, selling option credit spreads, and also selling covered calls. Utilizing these strategoes decisively, the says, is the fastest course to wealth in the alternatives trading game.

Get affluent with choices is packed through real-life instances of actual trades and detailed discussions the how alternatives can be offered as a hedging, speculating, or income-producing tool. You"ll learn just how to set up a home business with the best alternatives trading software, tools, and also Web sites. And you"ll start to see options in a whole new light and discover exactly how to become part of a little group of investors who repeatedly win.

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From the back Cover:

Praise for get Rich with Options "No much more excuses! obtain Rich with choices provides a clear, honest, and also detailed snapshot of the potential to profession stock and commodity alternatives successfully. Lee covers every the bases, starting with the basics then spending time on concepts such as ITM, OTM, ATM, volatility, spreads, and also delta. He turns the mystery of choices trading right into something cohesive and does it in an entirely user-friendly way. Gain Rich with choices is the perfect segue into the people of options trading because that anyone who has actually been intrigued by this invest strategy yet too intimidated to shot it. For the an ext seasoned trader, Lee supplies little-known tips and also advice that have actually kept him front of the pack for years. This is a rare how-to overview that answers all the questions, offers step-by-step instructions, and also should it is in on every options trader"s bookshelf." —Margaret Beeler, controlling Director, global Strategy & Investment, Inc.

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"There room many options books in the sector today. Because that the most part, they send sterile options strategies that will certainly "theoretically" job-related for you. But, they space written indigenous the perspective of one academic. In Lee Lowell"s obtain Rich v Options, you will learn alternatives and assets basics. That"s not whereby the value is. The value of this outstanding, understandable book comes native the author"s view of just how to trade choices and commodities. Lee Lowell bring you the keys from the commerce pits in new York, the keys of a market-maker, a trader who should make money to survive, a trader who has made thousands of successful trades. After analysis the book, you will certainly come away with a skilled education, and the distinguishable realization the trading alternatives is less complicated than girlfriend think, more lucrative than you could imagine, and also that there are just three or four surefire methods that will make you a lot of money consistently. Clear her shelf for this one, the is an invaluable overview for the fastest growing segment that the investment arena today." —Karim Rahemtulla, Chairman, Mt. Vernon Research

"Option strategies space often delivered in a sea that hype. It"s refreshing to discover from someone favor Lee that takes a conservative, no-BS method to alternatives and still makes investors money. I"m impression by his frankness, his sincerity, and the way he manages risk." —Julia Guth, Publisher, The Oxford Club/Investment U

"Lee Lowell leads united state down the roadway of complex derivative products and also takes us out the various other side much more profitably. This book will display you the trading on choices is no out that reach. Lee takes complicated ideas and also breaks them down action by action to assist every businessman from novice to experienced master the art of options trading. I found brand-new ideas and skills at every turn in this book and think it"s a must-read because that the significant commodity options trader." —Kevin Kerr, Editor, resource Trader Alert, columnist, Dow Jones MarketWatch

around the Author

Lee Lowell is an alternatives trading expert for Mt. Vernon Research, a subsidiary the Agora Publishing, and also is recognized as one of America"s leading choices professionals. Lowell has actually spent fifteen year in the alternatives trenches, an initial as a market machine on the floor the the new York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) and, an ext recently, as head the his own trading business. Lowell is also the editor of The Delta force Trader because that Mt. Vernon Research and coeditor of Agora"s increased Profits Report and also The Smart options e-Report. He"s had numerous short articles published in leading financial magazines, including Futures and Technical analysis of Stocks and also Commodities.