This is a finish walkthrough the every Bloody Baron search in The Witcher 3, including household Matters and also more. In this section we cover the whole main pursuit line in the Velen area. This contains The Nilfgaardian Connection, Bloody Baron, Ciri"s Story: The King the the Wolves, A Princess in Distress, Ciri"s Story: The Race, and all of the household Matters branching pursuit line.

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Witcher 3 Nilfgaardian Connection, Bloody Baron, household Matters Walkthrough

Witcher 3 Nilfgaardian connection Walkthrough

usage your Witcher Senses to look because that clues around the agent"s house.

Equip your previous armor set, climate head to the waypoint marked on her map to reach the key doorway to the castle. Click on the door, then select the human being Map and also fast travel to Velen - No Man"s Land. Your location is the Hanged Man"s Tree, which you can quick travel to directly.

Make your means southwest come the next waypoint on your map. Go to the Inn in ~ the Crossroads and speak to the Innkeeper to initiate a reduced scene. You"ll exchange a little bit of dialogue v a couple of soldiers that will likely reason a fight. If you want to avoid having to struggle them (and any kind of other soldiers girlfriend come across in this area), use the following dialogue choices, in order:

Care because that a drink?Heading to Novigrad.Cheers.If you select to fight the soldiers, the will change how you get to the Baron in the next key quest, Bloody Baron. We"ll cover the later.

If you made decision not come fight the soldiers, monitor the Innkeeper and speak come him again as soon as he stops walking. If you fought them, you"ll have a similar, although no as pleasant conversation with the Innkeeper. However, you"ll must watch the door due to the fact that other soldiers the spot you will attack. You should move quickly to protect against two an ext that will come through the door soon after you loss the very first three.

However you decide to manage the soldiers, your following objective is come look because that the agent called Hendrik in the town of Heatherton, due west. The location is marked on her map, making it basic to reach. As soon as you fight the waypoint, loss the three dogs attack a man in former of a house to start a cut scene, then find the agent referred to as Hendrik.

After the cut scene, head come the following waypoint and also search the agent"s hut utilizing your Witcher Senses. Usage the dialogue options to find the boots that the corpse, then usage your Witcher Senses to examine the big rug (red area) top top the other side that the hut. This will certainly initiate an additional cut scene.

Open the hatch below the rug and also climb under the ladder into the cellar below. Head right into the following room and also loot the open up chest, then examine the candle ~ above the wall surface that off the 2 rooms. This reveals a surprise chest. Examine the materials of the concealed chest for an additional cut scene. Read all four entries in the publication inside the concealed chest to complete the key quest.

Witcher 3 Bloody Baron search Walkthrough

If you played your cards ideal in the previous quest you deserve to talk your method through the gates.

Note: If girlfriend bought the men a drink in the previous key quest, The Nilfgaardian Connection, The peaceful Path is the one friend want. If you battled the men, you will must use The Forceful Path.

Bloody Baron relaxed Path

Head to the following waypoint on the map and cross the bridge into the city to walk to the Baron"s castle. Circle about the town to the right and also through the large wooden gate. Walk up the hill to the left to initiate a reduced scene together you approach the castle-like structure. After the cut scene, follow the sergeant and speak with the baron to complete the quest.

Bloody Baron Forceful Path

If you choose a fight v the Baron"s guys in The Nilfgaardian Connection, you will not have the ability to talk your means past the guards. Rather you will have to search the town to uncover another method into the castle. Do your way to the village and talk to the old man. He will request payment for his troubles, however you have the right to refuse and also just follow our instructions instead.

Whistle because that Roach and make your means to the grassy high ground that sits come the northwest the Crow"s Perch. Explore the area where the boy"s body to be found, moving into the ditch to uncover an opening to the southeast. You deserve to find the cavern that leader under Crow"s perch if you dive under the water. Do your way to the southeast before surfacing in a cave.

As girlfriend explore the cave and find a way into the castle, look because that an area wherein you have the right to climb up with the old fine to enter the castle. You"ll need to defeat a water hag, however eventually you"ll arise in the garden. Speak v the Baron to end this quest.

Witcher 3 Ciri"s Story: The King of wolf Walkthrough

use Ciri"s teleport ability to blink in and out of variety during combat.

To follow the riverbed and also find help, head towards the following waypoint and kill the three wolves near the end of the path. Follow Gretka and take out the next group of wolves simply ahead. As soon as the wolves room down, proceed to follow Gretka to initiate one more cut scene.

Examine the human body thoroughly, then collect 2 parsley and also three wolfsbane. Girlfriend can uncover the wolfsbane by searching for the plants through purple flowers. Parsley is a plant with light environment-friendly leaves (almost white). There"s a clearing ahead through several more wolves that contains both parsley and also wolfsbane.

Once the wolves are taken treatment of, examine the pigs on the ground before you proceed to follow Gretka. As soon as you have accumulated all of the parsley and also wolfsbane, an additional cut scene occurs before you deserve to follow Gretka again.

When you reach the cave, head within for another cut scene. The king the the wolf is waiting inside, yet as Ciri you"re fairly powerful. That won"t take lot to carry down the wolf king. You can continuously attack and the wolf king will die before it can inflict enough damage to take under Ciri. However, if you"re worried about dying, attack two or three times and also then evade away to prevent the wolf king"s counterattack. Defeat the wolf king come initiate one more cut scene and also complete the quest.

Witcher 3 household Matters quest Walkthrough

Witcher Senses will be key during your investigation of the Baron"s home.

The quest starts with a cut scene and dialogue with the baron. After the cut scene research the documents on the table through the wall surface (use your Witcher Senses if girlfriend can"t uncover it), then follow the Baron. Use her Witcher Senses to search the room ahead. Examine the candlestick on the table, the wall to the left and the snapshot on the wall. Swing about behind the picture and examine the chest that drawers there, then the flower on the adjacent table and the structure beam behind it. Finally, head ago to the candlestick close to the door and also examine the one an ext time.

Head right into the adjacent room and use your Witcher Senses come loot everything (make certain you find the key). Leave the room and also make your means down the very first flight of stairs to find a talisman ~ above the ground. Choose up the loot, then follow the red acting (with your Witcher Senses active) under to the bottom floor. Proceed to loot the area together you monitor the smoke until you with the altar at the end. Examine the altar and pick increase the loot on the table, climate head earlier to the top floor and talk come the Baron about what friend found.

Make your method to the next waypoint come find the pellar"s hut. Once you arrive, technique the hut come initiate a reduced scene. Throughout the conversation you can choose to pay them turn off (they"ll refuse), usage magic if you have actually Axii reticulum level two or higher, or simply fight them. As soon as you"ve made your selection and had actually your means with them, knock on the door that the hut to see another cut scene. This puts the family Matters main quest on hold and also begins the main quest, A Princess in Distress.

Witcher 3 A Princess in Distress search Walkthrough

Your first objective will certainly be come find the pellar’s goat using the bell and also your Witcher Senses. Sound the bell and also head into the grassy woodland while relocating west. Once you reach the objective area, usage your Witcher Senses to monitor the goat. The won"t it is in long before you point out the animal, however you should move slowly and also ring the bell to obtain its attention.

Tip: Princess will avoid to nibble ~ above plants as you command her back to the pellar. To protect against this, clean the path between the pellar"s residence and the goat together you find for it.

As you are busy trying come bring the goat come the pellar, princess will obtain a little too close to a bear. Defend the goat from the bear, then inspect your mini map to ensure you are going the ideal direction and also use the bell and lead the goat come the pellar. Once you arrive, be certain to questioning the pellar the adhering to questions.

Ask around a baby the Anna miscarriedAsk if Anna to be abused through the Baron

With this, the quest will it is in complete, and you"ll it is in picking things right ago up with main Quest: household Matters (Part 2). As you"re playing the video game you may not even an alert that you"re passing between one and the other, yet luckily we"ve got it every sorted out for friend here.

Witcher 3 household Matters (Part 2) pursuit Walkthrough

nevertheless of even if it is you assist with the fire, you will certainly fight the Baron.

Before you perform anything, read the bestiary to learn an ext about botchlings. Once you feel that you"re well educated on the subject, make your way back to Crow"s Perch so you have the right to talk come the Baron. You"ll arrive to find that he"s collection the stables ablaze in a drunken stupor, and also you can choose to do one of two things.

Save Oswin and also his equines from the fireIgnore the blaze and also locate the Baron

We"re going to assume you determined to save the stable hand and also the horses trapped in the burn stable. To perform this, relocate to the bigger of the two burning buildings and climb the ladder. Push forward until your route is blocked by debris, then use Aard to blast that open. Drop into the steady where Oswin and also the steeds are, climate open the main gate come the stables.

If you decided not to save Oswin and the horses, you"ll jump immediately to an target that calls for you come defeat the Baron in a fistfight. If you chose to play the duty of the hero, you"ll start the fight once Oswin and the equines are safe. To win the Baron up for a bit, then get in into a conversation v him to acquire some added information about the botchling.

You"ll have to wait until midnight till you have the right to follow the Baron come the place of the child"s body. You have actually two choices with exactly how you can proceed, and also each one will certainly lead you down a various path. We"ll sheathe both of them simply in instance you didn"t select the same option we did.

Bury the botchling so it i do not care a lubberkinKill the botchling and also then siphon the blood

Witcher 3 ask The Botchling Option

If you determined to bury the botchling, you"ll have to follow the Baron come the castle"s entrance. The tiny beast will periodically kick up a fuss, and also if friend don"t want to need to kill it, you finest use the Axii sign to patience the botchling. You"ll likewise have come protect the Baron indigenous wraiths along the way. If girlfriend fail to save the botchling calm, it will transform right into something worse, at which allude you will have to kill it and also siphon its blood, proceeding through the various other path the leads to the finish of this quest.

Assuming that you kept the botchling safe (we"ve got you covered further down if friend didn"t), you"ll have to wait a work to have the ability to call the lubberkin. Summon it whereby the botchling is buried through going come its grave and also interacting v it. Follow the lubberkin as it leaves Crow"s Perch, using Roach come ensure that you"re maintaining pace. When you reach a smokehouse v a weird smell, dismount from your horse and also begin to investigate.

Search the area around the smokehouse making use of your Witcher Senses. You"re specifically in search of the complying with items/clues.

A bracelet near some barrelsA change of clothingHoof marks and a horseshoe

Whistle for Roach and again monitor the lubberkin. As soon as you with the stays of a horse, fight off the rotfiends so the you can be left alone to investigate the corpse. Look because that the adhering to clues/items, utilizing your Witcher feeling if necessary.


Continue to follow the lubberkin until it leader you come hut that sits just east of the hidden Ruins. It"s in ~ this suggest that the two courses this quest deserve to take merge.

Death to the Botchling: death the Botchling

If you were effective in burying the botchling and also escorting the Baron ago to the castle, then this component is no for you. If you failed come safely get them to the castle, or just opted to death the tiny beast, friend will overlook the previous section (Life for the Lubberkin: ask the Botchling) and also instead pick points up ideal here.

The Botchling is vulnerable against the adhering to things:

Oil: CursedQuest Item: Botchling BloodSign: Axii

Remove your sword from that is sheath and also kill the botchling. It will certainly transform into something also worse, but you need to defeat it just the same. Death the monster, and any wraiths that involved its aid. When that"s done, siphon part blood native it and also head off to talk to the pellar, who is in the same ar that you found him previously.

After you convince him to carry out a ritual, follow the pellar together he leads you through the woodland to a location referred to together Wolven Glade. There will certainly be some dangers to attend to along the way, and also of course that task will loss on you. Once you come at her destination, prepare for the ritual and also light the fires (3). This entails lighting the three nearby braziers, however it might be wise for you come meditate prior to the upcoming battle.

Once the pellar begins, relight the fires in the braziers if they go out during the routine (3). It"s finest to position yourself in the middle of the three, then quickly move and relight that the minute one walk out. Once a fire is out, it allows wraiths come breach the circle and attack you. Relight the brazier, then kill the wraith. This prevents much more from obtaining into the circle when you"re fighting another. You can expect to light the braziers a total of three times, and when all three room lit the pellar will proceed the ritual. It"s not basic juggling act to perform, however once it"s end you"ll it is in pleased with the results.

You have to now choose between the following two options, and we"d indicate taking the first. Either way, when you"re excellent the routes of this pursuit will be merged.

Walk the pellar earlier to his hut because that a rewardTell the old man to uncover his own method back

Witcher 3 an unified Paths: The Fisherman"s Hut Walkthrough

Make your way to the objective and also proceed come look roughly the fisherman"s hut. Girlfriend will have the ability to enter the house and shot to find Anna, the Baron"s wife. This will lead to some awkward conversation, and also when that is end you will know the location of Tamara. You deserve to now choose to return to the Baron, before or ~ optionally make the efforts to discover Tamara. In the interest of gift thorough, we recommend that you head ago and visit through the Baron. He will certainly ask you come find Tamara, the Baron"s daughter, in Oxenfurt, climate hand you the doll you uncovered in the an initial part the the main Quest: family members Matters.

Tip: If after speaking to Voytek you chose to go straight to Tamara"s location, things won"t be lot different, although they will certainly be much less emotional.

Head out for the city of Oxenfurt. If the gates are closed, just swim throughout to the town. As soon as you"re back on land, head come the northern part of the island to uncover the residence the the fisherman"s brother, who will quickly carry Tamara to you.

Ask Tamara any kind of questions the you"d like, then head earlier to Crow"s Perch and talk to the Baron about his family. This will permit you to proceed to the following quest.

Witcher 3 Ciri"s Story: The gyeongju Walkthrough

have actually your equine sprint the entire method in order to win this race agains the Baron.

The only objective in this search is because that you to beat the baron in a horse race. Use your mini map to do this, galloping the entire way to ensure the you win. The Baron will certainly interrupt the story if you have not perfect the key Quest: females of the Wood, offering you an target to investigate all continuing to be leads in Velen and also find the Baron’s wife. This is still part of the family Matters quest line, i m sorry weaves in and out the several other quests prior to concluding. Before we obtain to that, however, that is necessary for us to tackle the key Quest: hunting a Witch.

Main Quest: hunting a Witch

Keira Metz can play a huge duty in exactly how the story plays out if you make the right decisions.

Completing The Nilfgaardian connection main quest provides you access to this key quest. Head come the waypoint ~ above the map and also to the fine in the center of the village. Phibìc of the well, you"ll check out an old mrs sweeping her front porch. Speak v her and then head roughly to the best side that the house and talk with her husband.

There"s one old man sitting near the southwest road leading the end of town. Speak through him to initiate a quick cut-scene telling you whereby to discover the witch. Just prior to you with the old man, there are two women sweeping outside of a house. Lock won"t say much if you stand close by, yet if you ago away a little they will likewise discuss the witch among themselves and give you an additional clue.

After talk to the various peasants (especially the old man), you have to now have actually a mite on your map indicating wherein to find the pond through the village. Head come the facility of this emphasize area, then do your way north down the roadway to the following highlighted area come find the lone boulder. Continue east down the following road and take down the four Nekkers the attack.

When you with the dare at the next highlighted area, continue east come find the witch"s hut and also initiate one more cut scene. Afterwards, head inside the hut and search the hut using your Witcher Senses. You"re searching for the items emphasize in red, specifically the skull in the edge of the room to the left (after start the prior door).

Examine the skull come initiate a short cut scene that opens up a portal in the middle of the room. Before you go through the portal, examine the floor adjacent to open up the hatch in here. Head under to the basement and also loot the area for a variety of useful items. Once you have everything, head through the portal and also then follow the path approximately to the right and also up the stairs come find the Witch. Asking the witch to take it you come the next place (select the conversation option, "Can we go?") to it is in transported come the far south. This completes the key quest, searching a Witch, and begins the following quest.

Witcher 3 wandering in the Dark quest Walkthrough

once you"re told to look for indications on the wall, jump in the water, ignoring the people on the optimal level.-Follow Keira.-Go v Keira"s portal.-Use your Witcher Senses to discover Keira.

Follow Keira right into the structure ahead and down the stairs to initiate a short cut scene. Continue down the stairs and quickly go v Keira"s portal. If you delay you will have to use your Witcher Senses to find her again, yet if you made it through you show up in a cavern. Just ahead are numerous Drowners. Make fast work that them and use your Witcher Senses to find Keira again.

You"ll need to dive right into the water front (remember to choose up the loot) and swim underwater to the much side that the area. Wait is restricted so don"t hold-up while you"re underwater. You have time to pick up the loot, however don"t carry out anything rather while you"re down there.

With your Witcher Senses active, you must follow the red one ahead. Head come the best at the junction point and use your Aard sign magic come blow with the wall surface at the end. Simply ahead a Foglet attacks, i beg your pardon is an enemy that attacks in fog. You won"t view it until the opponent attacks, yet it doesn"t take much to lug it down. Be on guard.

Collect the loot and also head into the following room and down the stairs come the left. Blast with the door top top the left with Aard authorize magic. Just ahead is part toxic gas, numerous Drowners, and also a collection of stairs. Usage Aard authorize magic to clear the toxicity gas closest come you and move toward the Drowners to get their attention. As soon as they"ve noticed you, back away to the stone area prior to the toxicity gas. The gas won"t remain out because that long, for this reason you desire to make sure you"re no fighting Drowners as soon as it appears again.

Repeat this process until every one of the Drowners space dead, climate clear enough toxic gas to do it to the stairway ahead. As soon as you with the top of the an initial flight, proceed straight and also go down the next collection of stairs, climate up an additional flight that stairs come the right.

Keira is just ahead, however there room two rat nests nearby. Usage the Igni authorize magic to destroy the rats nests with signs or bombs (the huge mounds on the other side that the chamber). Once both nests are destroyed, a brief cut step follows. To convince Keira to continue with Geralt, then head increase the stairs to find the elven. Approach him come initiate one more cut scene.

Continue under the stairs and toward the next waypoint ~ above the map. Numerous Wraiths wait ahead, yet there"s likewise quite a bit of toxicity gas. Usage the Aard sign magic to clear far the gas while you battle the Wraiths with Keira"s help.

Once the Wraiths are down, activate your Witcher Senses and also make your way to the northwest next of the highlighted area. Choose up every one of the loot you discover along the way, including a Maribor sword at the high statue close to the center of the area. Once you with the northwest side, look for a swallow price on the wall, emphasize in red.

Keep relocating down the path past the swallow symbol and scale the large rocks ahead. Search the chamber making use of your Witcher Senses. Study the prize to generate replicas the yourself and also Keira that you have to fight.

Fighting you yourself is moderately annoying since a shield shows up around her doppelganger after almost every strike you land. Use the Aard sign magic to clear it away and continue attacking. If you don"t have magic available you have the right to strike the shield, but immediately back away come avoid getting hit by... You.

When you move on come fight Keira"s doppelganger, carry out not to win her more than twice before dodging away. She typically uses magic strikes to avoid you in her tracks, however if you evade after every hit you won"t have to worry about these. Periodically you can get away v two or even three attacks before she counters through magic, but the more you attack in rapid succession the an ext susceptible you are to her counterattacks.

With both adversaries down, activate her Witcher Senses again. There"s an additional red glowing authorize on the south east wall, but ignore that. If you study it you"ll obtain hit with a blast of fire. Instead, jump under in the facility of the area and look ~ above the southwest wall surface to find one more glowing red sign. Study it and also then dive down and also swim through the passage to the ideal of the sign. When you reach the wall ahead, go approximately the surface and also examine the authorize at the top of the stairs.

Continue under the path to the ideal to get earlier to the room you just came from. Head over to Keira and also follow her into the following chamber. Examine the small swallow authorize on the wall ahead, then proceed through the portal that opens.

In the room ahead a Golem awaits. As soon as you move toward the facility of the room the Golem attacks. Stay to the far right next (near the treasure box) and let the Golem attack Keira first. As soon as Keira has its attention you can assault it from behind.

Most the the Golem"s assaults are telegraphed. If the raises one eight high right into the air and also prepares to jump, relocate away to protect against the strikes that follow. If it curls right into a ball, do not attack it indigenous the former or you will certainly take damage. However, you deserve to still attack it native behind as soon as it bring away this protective stance. The doesn"t take lot to lug down the Golem, however if you want to rate up the process use a Thunderbolt potion (or miscellaneous similar) to rise your attack power.

With the Golem down, climb to the upper section on the room ~ above the much side, then proceed through the doorway come the left. Don"t forget to loot the 2 item boxes in the chamber, the Golem, and the item box in the upper area. In the room ahead you can proceed straight or head down the i to the left.

Head left and also you"ll proceed on her quest, however if girlfriend go straight you"ll discover two booty chests with viziman champion wellness items, silver ore, thread, animal leather straps and saltpeter. There"s likewise a Gargoyle that have to be defeated and drops a Lesser Morana runestone, elemental essence x2, stole ore x2, Gargoyle heart and also Gargoyle dust. If girlfriend don"t want any type of of this prey you deserve to simply head left and skip every one of it.

If you select to fight the Gargoyle, have actually the Quen sign magic prepared to go. The Gargoyle has an extremely damaging attacks, consisting of a stomp area attack, a short-range acid spit and a absent throw. Through the Quen sign magic energetic you can absorb among these hits v minimal damage.

Run in and attack the Gargoyle one time, then easily dodge earlier to prevent the counterattack. Proceed this process until the Gargoyle is down. If you take a hit, wait until the Quen authorize magic is all set to usage again before you proceed your attack. Girlfriend don"t want to take it a struggle from the Gargoyle without the Quen authorize magic shield active. Keira usually keeps it liven if you must wait a minute for the magic to be easily accessible again. When the Gargoyle is down, head right into the previous room to proceed your quest.

Activate your Witcher Senses in the other room and then study the swallow authorize on the wall surface to activate the portal. In the next room there"s booty on either side and stairs on either side. Circle the room to collect all of the loot, then continue down the course to initiate another cut scene.

Keep close come Keira and stay under her magic shield. When she stop walking, stay within the radius of she shield and kill the creatures emerging from the rift. If you leaving the defense of Keira"s shield you will take damage, so stay within the shield protecting Keira and kill the monsters when they get close enough.

Repeat this process three times, then follow Keira till she stops walking. Drop under to the area listed below to initiate one more cut scene adhered to by a ceo battle versus Nithral.

Witcher 3 just how to loss Nithral

Loot: Meteorite silver Plate, Diamond Dust, stole Plates, Diagram, Angrenian Cuirass, Wild hunt Warrior"s Sword

The battle versus Nithral is similar to the previous battles versus the Golem and the Gargoyle. You want to use a hit and run strategy through the Quen sign magic shield energetic as frequently as possible. Dodge towards Nithral, assault once and then evade away to stop his counterattack. He attacks anytime he"s close come you and also after every attack. However, if Keira stuns him through her magic girlfriend can attack several times before he recovers.

Ideally you want to inflict as much damage as possible with every attack. Use a Thunderbolt potion to increase your assault power and also use strong attacks rather of fast attacks whenever you have the Quen authorize active. It"s daunting to dodge Nithral"s assaults after landing a strong attack, which is why Quen Sign should be energetic when you use a solid attack.

Once you get Nithral under to approximately 50 percent health, he develops a security shield around him and summons lesser opponents to aid him. Perform not strike Nithral while that is in the shield. If you perform he will be unharmed and you will take damage. Nithral heals when this shield is active, yet the only means to eliminate the shield is to death the lesser opponents that appear. When they"re down, Nithral increase from his shield. Death them as quick as possible to limit the amount of health and wellness Nithral regains.

Defeat Nithral, then collection the prey on the far side that the room and also climb to the upper part of the chamber. Method the elven in the corner to initiate an additional cut scene, then find the area to discover the red highlighted items in the corner and also a medicine on the table (also emphasize in red). Over there are likewise a couple of papers on the floor in the northeast corner.

Loot the area, then examine the archway clogged by stone highlighted in red to initiate another cut scene and receive the Eye that Nehaleni. Before you usage the item on the archway, head come the much west next of the room to find an additional door girlfriend can failure with the Aard sign magic.

Inside the room you deserve to use the Eye that Nehaleni to dispel the illusion. Dive right into the water wherein there are number of items come loot. Easily collect the loot, then swim south to find stairs that lead to an ext loot. When you approach the prey a Foglet attacks. Make fast work of it, climate loot the chest to find a Dimeritium Ingot, Twine and a Maugrim sword. Possibilities are the Maugrim sword is better than what you"re right now using for this reason switch end to it before proceeding.

Once you"ve accumulated all of the loot, head earlier to the key chamber and use the Eye of Nehaleni on the archway in the upper area. Follow Keira for another short cut scene the completes this quest and begins the an additional quest, Magic Lamp.

Witcher 3 women of the Wood pursuit Walkthrough

You just know that this quest is going to end in some nonsense.

In your inventory under search Items is a publication titled, "The ladies of the Wood." read this and also then head to the brand-new waypoint on your map. When you reach your destination, activate your Witcher Senses and examine the wood statue, then follow the trail of red glowing items hanging from the trees ahead until another cut scene begins.

After the cut scene, head come the next waypoint to go come the hut and also talk to the boy, climate head outside and speak v the children and agree to play Hide and also Seek. Activate your Witcher Senses and follow the footsteps that the four youngsters to discover their locations. Speak to every one to gain them come come the end of hiding. The footsteps all start from wherein you an initial spoke with the children, therefore after you discover one, head ago to the area to find brand-new tracks. Speak come the final child come initiate an additional cut scene.

Head to the following waypoint and take the end the Drowners and also Water Hag. Activate your Witcher Senses and also examine the footprints nearby. Follow Johnny"s footprints making use of your Witcher Senses and also take down the Drowners that attack along the way.

When you reach the burrow in ~ the end of the trail, lure Johnny out of his burrow. Follow Johnny till Drowners strike you. There"s also a beehive in the area. If girlfriend aggravate the hive, usage your Igni sign magic come clear away the bees or else you"ll take constant damage over time.

Once the enemies have been dispatched, continue to follow Johnny until you get one more short cut scene. Climb approximately the peak of the cliff and also kill the three Harpys and solitary Wyvern that inhabit the nest. Method slowly so friend don"t need to fight them every at once. If you happen to obtain the attention of all four enemies, earlier away till you"re just fighting one in ~ a time.

With the opponents down, loot the nest and then head ago down to Johnny. Follow him as soon as again, taking out the Drowners and Water Hag that strike along the way. After ~ a cut scene you"re off to the following destination.

Before girlfriend head off, prey the whole room and head down into the cellar come loot that area together well. When you have all of the items accessible here, head to the waypoint on your map and also talk to the ealdorman of Downwarren around the village"s problem.

After a brief cut scene, head to the center of the emphasize area ~ above the map to expose an entrance to the west. You require to access the entrance from the north, for this reason swing roughly to the north side of the emphasize area as you deserve to gain access to the entrance. There are numerous wolves here, therefore take your time as you traverse the area. They"re basic to handle with simply one or two, however can be much more troublesome as soon as they team up.

Near the entrance a Werewolf awaits. He has a moderate amount of health, however otherwise he isn"t much various than other enemies. He will run turn off to usage a power-up capability that slowly regenerates his health, however your fast strikes are an ext than sufficient to respond to this ability.

With the Werewolf down, head toward the entrance significant on the map. Avoid at the glowing orange rock (place the power) and also draw strength from this ar to gain secondary attribute point. Climb approximately the cavern entrance, which is just east of the glow orange rock.

Head right into the cave and also dive into the water in ~ the end of the path. Circle around and look because that underwater loot wherein the water transforms to the left, and again just prior to the finish of the waterway. Climb out of the water and move into the open area front to start a cut scene. You have to decide if you"re walk to assist the entity right here or death it. If you select to conserve it, the key quest, The Whispering Hillock begins. Friend must finish this quest prior to you can continue with the women of the wood quest.

If you decide to exterminate it, girlfriend must an initial fight one Endrega the appears. Kill it, then hack far at the roots the guard the angry spirit. An ext Endrega will certainly spawn and attack, but it takes lock a moment to with you. Attack the evil spirit as lot as girlfriend can. If you"re handle enough damages you can finish it off before more Endrega acquire to you, yet either means you"ll have to resolve at least three Endrega throughout or immediately after this battle.

Important - If you decide to help the entity you cannot save the Baron"s wife in the secondary quest, go back to the Crookback Bog. If you kill the entity the Baron"s wife have the right to be retained alive and also eventually helped. It"s recommended the you death the entity.

Witcher 3 The Whispering Hillock quest Walkthrough

You can do what friend want, yet we would advise death the gigantic heart in the three.

You need to uncover a crow feather, the spirit"s remains and also a wild horse. Friend should currently have a raven feather from the harpy nest during the females of the Wood main quest. If friend didn"t loot the nest and take the feather, head ago there to attain it prior to you continue.

Head out making use of the north passage and make your method to the following waypoint on the map. Together you approach the highlighted area, prepare to combat the Water Hag ahead. Remember that she will drop into the water and pop increase behind you, so be ready.

Once the Water Hag is down, head toward the center of the emphasize area. As you strategy several Drowners attack. Take it them out and also then activate her Witcher Senses and also look close to the south side of the highlighted area. Right here you will discover a tombstone.

Examine the object, head come the following waypoint and also get your Axii authorize magic ready. There are number of black steeds in this area. Usage your Axii sign to calm a wild horse using the Axii Sign and mount it. If you"re having actually trouble maintaining the equine calm, you may need to use the Axii authorize again, specifically if girlfriend haven"t leveled that up at all.

Bring a black horse to the cavern beneath the Whispering Hillock, i m sorry is the following waypoint on your map. As soon as you get back inside the cave an additional cut scene begins. Start the routine to finish the quest and change back come the last section of the females of the Wood main quest.

Witcher 3 The women of the lumber (Part 2) pursuit Walkthrough

It probably goes without saying, yet these three are not to it is in trusted.

Whatever you decide to do during the main quest, friend will have to report earlier and tell the ealdorman the Downwarren you took care of the problem, i beg your pardon is the following waypoint on your map if you chose to death the spirit. If you decided to help, it"s the far better option, however the trip is much longer through The Whispering Hillock second quest. When you speak through the ealdorman it starts a cut scene the leads to the main quest, Ciri"s Story: Fleeing the Bog. When that quest is complete so is the females of the Wood key quest.

Witcher 3 Ciri"s Story: Fleeing the Bog pursuit Walkthrough

Don"t fight, just run come the east and also you"re done this quest in a few seconds.

You are automatically thrown into combat as you take control of Ciri. You have the right to stand and fight every one of these enemies, but they will proceed to spawn. Clean a course to the east and also make your means to the following waypoint on the map come escape native Crookback Bog and also complete the quest. You can now go back to the family Matters main quest to complete that.

Both Geralt and the Baron are starting to gain the answer they have actually been craving since the start of action 1.

Immediately after perfect the Ciri"s Story: Fleeing the Bog key quest, head north to the rapid travel suggest and travel to Crow"s Perch to tell the Baron what you"ve learned around Anna. This will finish the quest and begin the next main quest, Ciri"s Story: out of the Shadows.

Witcher 3 Ciri"s Story: out of the Shadows quest Walkthrough

Ciri is extremely powerful in combat. This fight have to not check you in the slightest.

Taking control of Ciri, you"re thrust into battle and must kill the basilisk. This is comparable to the ceo battle against the Griffin previously in the game. Ciri is very strong, however you don"t have any healing items for this reason you have to be careful here. Attack the basilisk from the sides or ago whenever possible. This will aid you protect against its poison breath. Only assault once or twice before dashing far to prevent its counterattack. If the basilisk takes trip keep a close eye ~ above it. You need to dodge to one of two people side when it dives toward Ciri.

If you take significant damage transparent the battle, ago away and avoid gaining close come the basilisk. While friend don"t have healing items, Ciri"s wellness replenishes in ~ a decent price so lengthy as you"re not getting hit. Spend about a minute far from the basilisk and also you should have actually a an excellent amount of health and wellness back.

Drop the basilisk"s health to initiate one more cut scene, then head about to the right side the the tower and climb increase the rocks below to watch the Baron fight that off. Go come the peak of the tower and also rescue the Baron. This completes the quest, but if girlfriend agree to help the Baron gain his wife ago it opens up the secondary quest, go back to Crookback Bog.

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You have now completed the main quests in the Velen region. From here you have to start the main quests in Novigrad, beginning with Pyres the Novigrad.