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in march 10, 2021


Gladiator tire is widely recognized for having great-looking and durable tires. The XComp is actually their most popular tire and for an excellent reason.

In today"s Before you Buy guide, we"ll failure the essential features the this tire the you"ll want to know before buying.

Quick Links:

- XComp MT Tread Design

- XComp MT Performance

- Is the XComp MT the best tire for her truck?



Tire Specs:

-Load Range:F

-Speed Index:Q

-Tire Type:Mud Terrain

-Warranty:Manufactures guarantee Only


XComp MT Tread Design

The XComp native Gladiator is a very rugged tire v a super aggressive tread design the would complete the look at of any hardcore off-road build or because that trucks that want to strength through any terrain at one"s leisure.


This is also a very popular tire for show-truck builds due to the fact that of just how aggressive that looks.



Quick Facts:

- Super aggressive and also rugged design that"s unmistakable

- Large tread blocks through deep voids

- Provides an excellent contact through the road and other terrains

- Large, jagged shoulder lugs on the tires sidewall

- Some siping that provides far better grip in rocky terrain

- greater level that road noise due to aggressive tread design



XComp MT Performance

The Gladiator XComp MT is a pretty outstanding tire for off-road activities. Its design is an ext exclusive to off-roading though. Girlfriend can definitely daily journey this tire, yet it will certainly be a little noisier.



Quick Facts:

- superior tire for off-road activities

- Very durable in rocky terrains

- v its aggressive tread design, the XComp have the right to handle the roughest conditions

- Perfect because that mud, gravel, sand, and also other comparable elements

- battles a little bit in the snow and also heavy rain indigenous lack of heavy siping

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Even if you"re not tackling the roughest trails, the Gladiator XComp MT is quiet a good choice to travel to challenging job sites wherein you might encounter dirt or heavy gravel roads.



Is the XComp MT the ideal tire because that you?

If you"re looking for the many off-road power on a budget, the Gladiator XComp MT is a good option. It has fantastic off-road capabilities and also a style that absolutely looks the part.

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What you need to Know:

- decent amount the road noise

- really aggressive tread pattern and rugged-looking tire

- Durable for unstable terrain

- really popular because that show-truck builds, off-roading beasts, and trucks that can handle rocky terrain at any type of given moment, prefer traveling come tough work sites and also taking turbulent backcountry roads

- Good bargain for what you acquire | Price starts approximately $1,000 because that a collection of the XComp MT


We expect this guide offered you a better idea of even if it is or no the XComp MT fits her needs.

Let us understand if you"ve operation this tire and also if you would recommend the in the comment below!