"Golden Sun: The lost Age" is a 2002 role-playing video game exit for game Boy advance and a sequel to the 2001 video game "Golden Sun." In this sequel, friend play as Felix and also his magical allies together they try to return the power of alchemy to their world, named Weyard. Gameshark is a software cartridge accessible for the video game Boy breakthrough that holds a range of cheats for plenty of games; "Golden Sun: The lost Age" is just one of those games.

Infinite Health

Like most video clip games, whichever character you are using has health points and if these drop down to zero climate you die. To offer Mia maximum wellness points and additionally make lock infinite, get in code "2454945D6B1FC63C" right into your Gameshark program. Input "5A9FDC2CF9EF89EF" to provide Felix limitless health. Get in "160BCC472FF83DB9," "71C355A534F1A807," "1E351B7437F90E82" or "518E0E83CA9B51FC" to give countless health come Piers, Ivan, Isaac or Gareth respectively. Entry "EBEC32C622EEA396" to make Jenna"s health limitless or "720A7E25E51EED26" to do the exact same for Sheba.

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Unlimited Psynergy Points

Psynergy points space the points necessary to actors spells in the game. For countless Psynergy points v Sheba, go into the password "99776877476C32D7." To attain the very same outcome through Issac, input "5990DFB7C1C7EF44." enter "61D4871BEEEB90C4," "D380790BA04C926E," "A174616B5672569A" or "89AB0CEB0116F233" to give endless Psynergy points come Gareth, Mia, Felix or Ivan, in the order. To make Jenna"s Psynergy point out infinite, enter the password "6DF43126CC3534AC."

Boost suffer Points

By simply playing through the game and completing work you gain Experience points, i beg your pardon are supplied to promote her character to the next level. Up-to-date gamings are not an easy source the entertainment, conversely these involve part capabilities come play and also win. The computer developed opponents fight against the gamers and also eliminating them is a large deal. The gaming companies administer games cheat techniques to the players so the they can thrash the terrifying enemies. These cheats room basically the codes that are supplied for offering a slip to the computer system so that the player might win the game. These enable the gamers in farming to the following stage by just pressing a couple of keys. Cheat password are available with all genres that games. Nonetheless, it is advised no to use them an extremely frequently otherwise one can loose the pleasure simply after playing for sometime. These deserve to be supplied when a software causes complications in computer or freezes it. In some situations, the developers on your own current the codes so that the players could be launched to the following stages that the game. No every human being will agree that gamings cheat systems space the best things come be offered while playing games. Lock think that cheating as a nasty trait and therefore cheat codes should not be used. However, these revolve into very helpful once the gamer is not having any type of clue how to go ahead while playing game. Because that example, one wants to run up to various other stages without filling out previous ones. The cheats end up being effective in this instance as the players carry out not get frustrated. If girlfriend would favor to skip the work and take your experience points now, or just offer your current total a little boost, there room some Gameshark cheats for you. Get in the password "BD36F60A176F7047" for 1,000 experience points or use the code "7B436F3DC36F06AC" because that 5,000 experience points. Enter the cheat "9C7E5936772BADDD" for 25,000 point out or "11944039925EA6ED" for 50,000. If five figure numbers still aren"t enough, then input "93B2EEDDD5088F8E" because that 100,000 points, "587BAAB6479B4590" because that 250,000 point out or "D169D2F4E2ABC98E" because that a whopping "99,999,999" endure points.

Other Cheats

Enter the code "FB39355903591E63" to offer your characters the Dark Panther Kill one-of-a-kind move. This means that any type of enemy girlfriend kill will certainly flash in plenty of different colors before it dies. This attack also gives you 30 percent more experience and coins 보다 finishing an foe with a conventional move. Intake the cheat code "F8C6629520626921" to create a complete random fight or get in the code "96CC0CF24FF51BA2" because that "99,999,999" coins.

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