Gore Magala in the game universe has no classification. Ns guess no one knows whereby to placed it, and I wouldn’t blame lock either. Gore Magala is a juvenile Shagaru Magala and also as such is cloaked in darkness. Once it matures, it will molt dramatically, its black color scales shattering and falling far revealing a beautiful golden skin.

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Well, that’s enough of that, we’re here to talk about Gore Magala, aren’t we? Gore Magala has two unique rage mode phases. The an initial is pretty standard, but the second is once the sky darkens and things start getting real. The 2nd rage mode is likewise the only time you can break Gore Magala’s feelers , two horns that will come to be erect and are kept down any kind of time else. Gore Magala Feelers is a product needed for numerous armor and also weapon craft and also upgrades.

After a solved amount of damages is dealt, Gore Magala will certainly be toppled and will automatically exit rage mode, do the feelers inaccessible again. For this reason if you’re aiming for those feelers, concentrate the mass of the damage on that head.

Gore Magala likewise has its very own special frenzy virus the was a significant player in Monster Hunter 4 , that is debut game. In this game, it’s relegated to a condition that can affect you. When the frenzy virus touch you (unavoidable), a bluish purple bar will begin to fill. If that fills, her heath restore time is greatly lengthened and on optimal of the your defense is completley shot. Yet if you dish the end enough damage to Gore Magala or an additional monster before that happens, you suffer a boost in weapon affinity and also immunity come the virus (both are an extremely temporary). You will be infected through the virus multiple times as soon as fighting a Gore Magala so save the damage up and you’ll be fine. Nulberries deserve to drop the bar’s charge, but cannot cure frenzy virus.

Gore Magala is weak come fire, thunder, and also dragon.

ChargeGore Magala have the right to do the standard running charge to key you over
Darkness BreathGore Magala will spit out three balls of…darkness? similar to Rathalos and also Rathian they walk in various directions and will infect you through frenzy virus.
Twisting Tail WhipGore Magala will certainly jump to automatically face the opposite direction and whip that is tail behind the to try and capture you. Simple to evade if you continue to be right under it.
StompGore Magala will usage its large wing eight (wingarms?) through rearing earlier and then stomping down. Rage mode only
Air Darkness BreathSometimes Gore Magala will fly up right into the air so that it’s hovering over the ground. Climate it’ll spit the end a sphere of “darkness”.
Air shadow WaveWhen increase in the air, Gore Magala will swing that is head native left to right (its left and also right), every the while emitting a cloud of “darkness”.
Flying ChargeInstead that landing the straightforward way, Gore Magala will charge in ~ you native the air and then land greatly on the ground.
Two-Step ChargeGore Magala will carry out a brief charge double in a row. Once in second rage mode, Gore Magala will perform the exact same thing but stomping down through its wingarms.

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Wingarm GrabWhen in second rage mode, Gore Magala will certainly reach out to try and hit you over with one of its wings.

Breakable PartsReward
Wingarms (both)
Tail (cut)

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