Although group theory is a mathematics subject, it is indispensable come many locations of modern theoretical physics, from atom physics to condensed issue physics, particle physics come string theory. In particular, it is vital for an knowledge of the an essential forces. Yet until now, what has actually been absent is a modern, accessible, and self-contained textbook ~ above the topic written specifically for physicists.Group concept in a Nutshell because that Physicists filling this gap, providing a user-friendly and also classroom-tested text that focuses on those facets of group theory physicists most need come know. From the an easy intuitive id of a group, A. Zee takes reader all the way up to exactly how theories based upon gauge groups can unify three of the four an essential forces. He likewise includes a concise evaluation of the direct algebra necessary for group theory, do the publication ideal because that self-study.

Provides physicists through a modern-day and easily accessible introduction come grouptheoryCovers applications to various areas of physics, including field theory, particle physics, relativity, and also muchmoreTopics incorporate finite group and also character tables; real, pseudoreal, and complicated representations; Weyl, Dirac, and Majorana equations; the broadening universe and also group theory; cool unification; and also muchmoreThe important textbook because that students and also an invaluable resource forresearchersFeatures a brief, self-contained treatment of linearalgebraAn digital illustration parcel is accessible toprofessorsSolutions hands-on (available just toprofessors)

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Awards and also RecognitionHonorable point out for the 2017 PROSE compensation in Textbook/Best in physics Sciences and also Mathematics, combination of American Publishers
A. Zee is professor that physics in ~ the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics at the university of California, Santa Barbara. His publications include Quantum field Theory in a Nutshell, Einstein heaviness in a Nutshell, and also Fearful Symmetry: The search for beauty, beauty in modern-day Physics (all

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"Another fantastic entry in the ‘Nutshell" series, Zee"s latest has actually it all: vast scope, depth, thorough explanations, history, and an appealing feeling of humor. The author"s understanding of mathematics and also physics is encyclopedic, and also he leavens the message generously through episodes and also asides attracted from the life and also work that the significant figures in the advance of team theory and its applications in physics."—Choice

"In group Theory in a Nutshell because that Physicists, Anthony Zee . . . Combine clarity of presentation with mathematical detail at a level that rigor acceptable to physicists. The result is a tourism de incubadoradeartistas.comure that travel guide readers with the world of group theory and also leads them come recent bit physics, cosmology, and also condensed matter. The book is unique in that is laid-back presentation."—Physics Today

"This publication lives up to my high expectations and can stand shoulder to shoulder v Zee"s various other two nutshell books."—Johannes Koelman, scientific research 2.0

"A highly easily accessible account of the ethics of group theory. . . . Zee is a cheerful and inspirational overview to product that in plenty of other hands could be dry and also lifeless. . . . I really took pleasure in reading Zee’s book and found that packed full of useful insights, and also being commonly irreverent and also funny, not terms that are regularly used in explanation of books on group theory."—Stephen J. Blundell, contemporary Physics

"Zee"s lovely book on the concept of team representations is an extensive and complete, both indigenous the mathematical and physical point out of view. While it doesn"t discuss the depictions of the symmetric groups, the book"s got nearly everything ~ above the math side, consisting of roots and also weights in the theory of compact lie groups. The physics applications are greatly from high energy physics but additionally include some from chemical and also condensed issue physics. Plainly written, this book makes perfect text because that a graduate course in physics top top the subject."—Barry Simon, California institute of Technology

"This excellent book stands out by its clarity of presentation."—Eugene Demler, Harvard University

"This is an ambitious book. Zee brings with each other a lot of of product not easily discovered in one place."—Savdeep S. Sethi, university of Chicago

"Group theory in a Nutshell for Physicists filling a gap in the market. Zee turns team theory into a less intimidating topic."—Katrin Becker, Texas A&M University