Moving end from ESO after that game has effectively end up being one of the buggiest games i know of

is this video game controller compatible? if so just how is it done?


I would not introduce it, however if girlfriend what you can use Steam, include the video game to your steam library, climate activate controller support. Critical time i tried there space presets made by various other players you have the right to use for switch layouts.

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You have the right to use xpadder come map keyboard and mouse to the controller, yet there's right now no indigenous support

Native gamepad assistance hasn’t been imposed yet for this reason you have use third party crucial mapping software as others have said i’m hoping they obtain native video game pad support soon yet it’s development is being taken on by a solo dev in his preventive time together a an individual project. With brand-new consoles on the means I expect he adds assistance for Xbox SeX gamepad and double Sense.

Anyone that claims it isn't good is simply wrong, been using it for years and also it's op for somethings and also just as great as keyboard for others, your no going to it is in navigating windows however pvp, wvw, cm's, raids, jp's, map completes, etc. I'd go versus anyone through it, this dude has a ps4 controller setup or my guide for xbox is in the comment

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I'm guilty the playing with a controller and also there's very little issue when it involves combat honestly. Put AoEs isn't going come be rather as easy just like a mouse (there's additionally a snap to target choice to help you 'aim' AoEs on an foe although i don't choose to have it ~ above personally) and selecting a target is a tiny clunky if there are many enemies and probably my biggest problem with the collection up.

While the game doesn't support controllers, over there is an action camera mode that basically turns the video game into a third person shooter in the settings that you can turn on/off with a keybinding. I would certainly recommend having actually a keyboard and mouse nearby though. Typing or going with menus isn't precious doing on a controller imo and I will periodically use the mouse to select a target in combat too.

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Any software program for remapping keys will work, e.g. Xpadder. The video game already enables you to combo various keys to carry out a brand-new action (e.g. 'Tab' will certainly target the next adversary whilst 'shift' + 'Tab' will certainly target the vault enemy) and this can be used to effectively dual or triple the variety of actions you deserve to execute v a controller. Ns would likewise recommend mapping every weapon skills to the bumpers for this reason don't need to let walk of the joysticks and can because of this control the camera and also movement while using them. Absolutely turn off double tap to evade too, return this goes because that everyone.