Today point out the complete release of battle Eternal, the last episode of the 4th Living world season.

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The MMO"s periods are every about brand-new content and also a focused narrative moving the in its entirety plot of Guild wars 2. This season has been just one of the biggest outside of the expansion, concerned with the threat of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik.


The season kicked off through the death of Balthazar, god that war and also fire. Bathazar"s considerable energy was took in by 2 dragons, Kralkatorrik himself and also Aurene, a young dragon spawned native Glint, Kralkatorrik"s own child. The players and heroes that Tyria had actually to contend with the lich Palawa Joko while trying to find a method to hit Kralkatorrik and also prevent the finish of every things.

This journey at some point finished with a paired solution: Aurene spend the lich, finishing his threat and also becoming powerful enough to take it on she grandfather. In the last episode though, things took a turn for the worst, together Aurene"s visions of dying in battle versus Kralkatorrik come true.

The scion survives, and also you fight Kralkatorrik in the Mists. | ArenaNet

War Eternal kicks off with a sad, hopeless opening, v the heroes mourn the eventual fatality of fact as they recognize it. Kralkatorrik"s power runs rampant and Aurene is dead. There"s a twist though, rooted in those previously events. The strength of rebirth that Palawa Joko commanded was took in by Aurene, and also the young dragon is may be to use it to conserve herself. Emboldened when again, the players and also Aurene dive right into the mists to strike down Kralkatorrik.

This plays the end in a huge flight sequence the end of Panzer Dragoon, wherein you strike in ~ Kralkatorrik as he transitions v the various realms. But ultimately you carry him down, shearing off his wing, and sending him crashing under in the oceans of Tyria.

The new region because that the season finale of this Living world is the fallen human body of Kralkatorrik. Quite cool, huh? He"s no dead, just dormant and also healing. Approximately him are facets that the assorted realms your passed through, consisting of Melandru"s verdant paradise, Balthazar"s Fissure the Woe, and the Underworld. Every occupy their own room on the island recognized as Dragonfall. Here"s wherein you"ll explore for this episode, gaining a couple of new mechanics and also items follow me the means to ultimately taking under Kralkatorrik.

Fly across the worlds of Dragonfall. | ArenaNet

The major new addition is the Skyscale, a new flying mount. It"s a flying mount, however unlike the Griffon it have the right to fly more under its very own power. V the push of a button, the Skyscale deserve to take to the skies, but it have the right to only rise so high as established by an endurance meter. The said, it can refill its energy to walk even greater by holding top top cliff walls. Through this new mount, players can check out the mighty peaks that Dragonfall needs to offer.

There"s also another legend weapon to choose up, the greatsword Exordium. The blade shifts and changes to mirror the job that"s using it, turning into shields, axes, hammers, and much more as friend wield that in tandem with details abilities. It additionally looks badass, v a shimmering diamond exterior, radiating miscellaneous shifting colors. Finally, the brand-new Mist Shard Armor is obtainable for every weight class. As you upgrade the armor, it"ll slowly flourish Mist crystals.

Dragonfall chin is quite unique, with details sections really offering the idea the you"re ~ above the body of a huge dragon. There"s one section I saw wherein Kralkatorrik"s tail would periodically rise and slam down. The feeling of scale in that action is merely unreal, emphasizing how enormous the Elder Dragon truly is. The island as a entirety features brand-new creatures from the miscellaneous realms, and also many the the heroes the Tyria will certainly wander roughly the environment, offering opportunities for girlfriend to connect with them.

The feeling of range is pretty amazing. | ArenaNet

Completing occasions in each of the regions of Dragonfall will certainly upgrade that region up a tier, offering harder and an ext interesting encounters. It"s something for players to work at end the course of this episode. Every players progress, v no particular timers. As soon as all three regions are upgraded come Tier 4, climate you move into the final phase of Dragonfall, striking in ~ the critical vestiges that Kralkatorrik. The illustration culminates through a journey inside Kralkatorrik, but I"ll leave what wake up then approximately you imagination.

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Suffice it to say, it"s a pretty large ending, one that feels favor it almost closes Guild wars 2 together a whole. Two Elder Dragons space dormant, one is dead, an additional is on death"s door, and also the players have actually literally eliminated one of the Gods. Not much else can be done without putting Tyria in danger, as part of the thrust the this current season is you couldn"t death an Elder Dragon there is no a replacement. Guild wars 2 isn"t over yet, there"s still an additional season coming, but there"s definitely a question note over my head with regards to whereby the story walk next. Guild battles 2, Living people Season 4, episode 6 is accessible in-game best now.