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Title: Hananoi-kun come Koi no Yamai

Media: Manga. Author: Megumi Morino

Yandere(s): Hananoi-kun

Yandere Scale: 1/5 *This is very generous score. A pity allude really. Please review the review for the explanation.*

Criticism created by: Kai

Editor: Julie

The Review:

Hey there everyone. Kai here ago with a review. ~ reviewing some… not so great stories because that the last pair of weeks, I’m glad to be finally reviewing a manga i genuinely like. While I choose the story, this is a yandere review. Not a manga review. Ever because I review this manga, i was tossing about thoughts… wonder if Hananoi is a yandere or not. So in this review, let’s check out the secret that is Hananoi.

To usually summarize this manga, Kananoi-kun come Koi no Yamai is literally favor every other shoujo manga. Girl meets boy. Boy drops in love through girl and tries come woo her. Girl is awkward and also unable to correctly express she emotions. Toss in arbitrarily drama and a generic high school; you gained this manga. When the plot itself isn’t noþeles amazing, the characters are the real stars of the show here.

Let’s talk about Hotaru very first since she’s the simplest to discuss out of the two key characters. Hotaru is the an initial of shoujo protagonists in a lengthy time to have actually something dubbed “common sense”. Seriously, the truth that Hotaru has some sembeant of a mind to separate her from every the other female leader is sadly (un)fortunate. She’s surprisingly reasonable at times and also not a finish moron on exactly how she walk about specific situations. Yet unfortunately, wherein you get some ground, you just have to lose it. While Hotaru is sensible, she’s emotionally idiotic. Okay, I might be a little bit mean to her on that. The whole “issue” in the story is the Hotaru never been in love before and slowly discovering what the means. I acquire it and also it’s not a poor emotional problem. Through the combination of her logic when it concerns relationships, i think she provides a great pair with someone prefer Hananoi. My main issue is the reality that she’s can not to refer herself when she ultimately likes Hananoi. UGH. Also when she did manage to express herself prior, it was after so many interruptions and also random self doubts. But I think this is less of Hotaru’s fault but more of the author’s. Someone plainly wants a much more dramatic confession scene and also to drag this manga because that several much more chapters. Every shoujo manga, ns fucking swear… Anyways, Hotaru is a kind protagonist and kinda cute. I mean, she’s by far the best I’ve watched in years. So… props. Ns guess.

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But let’s finally talk around our supposive yandere: Hananoi. Once I first read this manga, ns was a little blown away with just how he acts. That haircut scene gained me and I started wondering, “Is that a yandere?” transparent the manga, every chapter placed me v a loop as I walk “Not a yandere. He is a yandere! He’s no a yandere. He obtained to be a yandere.” like christ, I acquired a headache as I retained on thinking and evaluating his actions. His plot are huge enough the you don’t require a microscope to notification yet he’s for this reason vague that you just can’t pen him down. I deserve to say with specific that Hananoi is odd. He’s an odd character with an odd perspective around love. I guess you deserve to say that is Hotaru’s opposite. Hotaru is a girl that doesn’t know exactly how to love when Hananoi is a male who only know just how to love as well much. Okay okay! before y’all begin pointing fingers at what ns said, let me explain the paradox that is Hananoi.

Right turn off the bat, us all know that Hananoi has actually a pair of screws shed when it concerns relationships. We recognize that Hananoi is ready to walk a bit beyond what is regular for civilization in love. We understand that Hananoi is rapid to gain jealous. And finally, we understand that Hananoi yes, really likes Hotaru. But… that’s just about it. There’s yes, really nothing to prove that Hananoi is “loveSICK”. We most absolutely know that he’s in love. However is he in love to the allude that he’s sick? He’s ready to go much for Hotaru but… far enough to murder for her? Hananoi could get jealous… but would that snap? There’s yes, really nothing to yes, really prove that Hananoi is a yandere besides his odd screen of affection. If we think about our Yandere Actions write-up (Part one, component two, component three) us can plainly see that Hananoi is lacking a “Yandere Snap” and also “Creeper Actions”. When Julie and I walk state a yandere doesn’t require a “Yandere Snap”, a yandere most definitely need both “Creeper Actions” and “Affections”. And right now, Hananoi only have the affections component down. Before anyone states “Hananoi’s willingness” is a creeper action, it’s not. It’s odd yet in the kingdom of “normal”. If you love someone, I’m pretty sure you’re ten times much more willing to humor them. While ns wouldn’t cut my hair just since it’s mine crush’s preference, I would be willing to look because that a hair clip they shed in the snow. I would perform that for my girlfriend already! What more a crush? for this reason in the end, the willingness is more or less on the common scale… but it is one anomaly. I additionally want to allude out the Hananoi being a loner and not getting in addition to others besides Hotaru doesn’t prove anything. Due to the fact that when is the a required trait that a yandere has to be a loner and hate human being besides your S/O? While it is the cliche personality form you view in yanderes, it doesn’t immediately make them a yandere.

Now, this might seem prefer a “case closed” the Hananoi is no a yandere. However I just… can’t. There’s too lot smoke that there can’t it is in a fire. And also if Hananoi is a Clickbait Yandere, he’s a fucking great actor to save the audience guessing. Because that now, us simply have to wait to check out if Hananoi got any type of Creeper plot in him. However I’ll be genuine with y’all, ns don’t think us will watch any. This is too lot of a PG manga. It’s very light hearted and fluffy that ns don’t think the writer will take it it there. In the end, us just have actually Hananoi teetering ~ above semi-yandere. Ns promise you all now… Hananoi will not have any type of creeper actions. Only odd affections. That’s it.

The just thing I have the right to say the I evaluate him. Ns legitimately reap Hananoi and also I uncover him cute. For what he brings to the table, I’m just willing to give him a generosity pity point. The really acquired me guessing there for a an excellent while and also for that I can applaud. I’m simply going come repeat right now what one point method from ours criteria: “1- He have the right to be a tiny jealous/possessive”. Hananoi has actually just a small teaspoon of yandereness however nothing else. When he’s no a true yandere, I’m sure plenty of of you might appreciate him because that what the is.