The Happy Mask salesperson is one big question mark in the Legend the Zelda franchise. How and why go he acquire those masks and why is he constantly grinning?

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Official artwork the the Happy Mask salesperson in Majora's Mask 3D (left). That in Majora's Mask 3D playing a piano (top right) and also him aggressively shaking attach in the same game (bottom right)
The Legend the Zelda series is one of the most acclaimed video game collection out there. It seems like, with every brand-new game, Nintendo manages to outdo itself and also establish a brand-new norm come the RPG genre. Each game has a wide selection of personalities that continue to be in the mental of gamers end the years. Among those personalities is the mysterious Happy Mask Salesman.

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through his unnerving laugh and a laugh that seemingly never goes away, there is a lot of of an enig to unravel through the guy. One could that the is part of his "charm". Over there is tho a most unknowns through the Happy Mask Salesman but here room 10 weird cold hard, indisputable facts about Happy Mask Salesman.

The Happy Mask Salesman in ~ his shop in Ocarina of Time
despite Majora"s Mask continues to be the character"s most famous appearance, it in reality was not his first. It deserve to be straightforward to forget but before Majora"s Mask, the character made his debut in Ocarina that Time.

In that game, he ran the Happy Mask Shop in Hyrule castle Town. The shop walk not open up until connect talks with a soldier guarding the door to fatality Mountain. This initiates a side quest in which connect can provide masks come a selection of denizens across the map. It is a little out that the way so most players could have to let go this.

The Mask Shop with the Slaesman within of that in Oracle of Ages
His only appearance outside of the 2 Nintendo 64 Zelda title is Oracle of eras for the video game Boy. In this game, he own the Mask Shop right exterior of Lynna City. Somehow, the eeriness of his smile translates also into sprite form.

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When attach meets him, he will certainly be starving and Link can offer him the tasty meat item indigenous the Tokay cook in exchange for the doggy mask. This is his most recent canonical figure in the city and he has actually hardly been checked out since.

The salesperson introduces self in Majora
The Zelda gamings usually have some subtle easter eggs and also references to previous entries. This tradition has ongoing with period of Calamity, too. In the case of Majora"s Mask, the Salesman"s bag is a endowment trove the easter eggs.

The bag, i m sorry is nearly as huge as the clerk himself, has a number of masks ~ above the exterior that deserve to be identified. One mask has the same face seen top top the winter shield when another mask bears a resemblance to a details Italian plumber.

The destructive fate quote in Majora
There space a range of things that the end Majora"s Mask native the series with one of those things being the video game over screen. Have to the player run out the time, the moon will certainly crash in Clock Town and also destroy Termina -- taking attach with it.

~ Majora"s Mask stares in ~ the camera ominously, the first thing heard after that is the Salesman"s unnerving giggle followed by the line: "You"ve met a damaging fate haven"t you?" after that, the player will start back on the an initial day under Clock town in former of the Salesman. No creepy in the slightest.

One point that player will an alert about the Salesman once meeting him because that the very first time in Majora"s Mask is that the guy clearly has a lot of secrets. He also very plainly knows a lot an ext than he lets on. This is shown by how he hides the truth around Majora"s mask indigenous the player till their 2nd run-in v him.

He additionally may be hiding how the mask is responsible for the moon in the first place since the moon disappears after connect defeats the last boss and the truth he stated nothing around said moon in the very first place. What rather is this male hiding?

A most masks can be built up in Majora"s Mask due to the fact that it is among the key features that the game. Each mask has a different ability and, should link wear a particular mask and talk to the salesman in his normal spot, he will describe the mask come him.

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What he states varies based on the mask, yet the Salesman typically talks about one of 3 features. Those being the rarity the the mask, the details emotion it is embedded with, or a unique fact around it. It goes to present the large knowledge about masks that has. Or, perhaps, about the stories behind the masks themselves.

although the Majora"s Mask manga is not taken into consideration canon v the game it is based on, that does show an ext to the salesperson in the game. Though this Happy Mask clerk is mostly the same, this one has actually a sinister side since he appears to be plotting something i m sorry is presented right prior to Link"s battle with Majora"s Mask.

~ the fight is over, he recovers the mask and also encounters link who is in his Fierce divine being form after putting on the fierce deity mask to defeat Majora"s Mask. Link actually assaults the Salesman as if the senses miscellaneous sinister. The salesperson survives and also then pipeline laughing.

The Happy Mask Salesman will certainly teach attach the tune of healing to lift the Deku scrub curse the was inserted on the by the Skull Kid. This sponsor him the Deku mask. Link uses this track to revolve the heart of Darmani into the Goron mask and the human body of the Zora Mikau. This kind of reveals a dark truth about the Salesman"s mask.

chances are at least some the the masks he has actually were once the ghosts of shed souls. Instead of being properly laid to rest, they are now stuck together an inanimate mask because that others to wear because that fun.

In the beginning of the game, the Salesman will certainly task attach with obtaining Majora"s Mask for part unknown purpose. The Salesman will then reveal that he demands it so the its malevolent power have the right to be safely concealed or rather something destructive will happen.

after ~ the final fight at the end of the game, Majora"s Mask has now lost every one of its power and also Termina is conserved from destruction. In spite of this though, the Salesman"s dialogue appears to suggest that he is disappointed the mask lost its power. He never fully reveals his plans and also his creepiness appears to present he had actually plans of some kind with the mask.

With every one of the mysteries around him, a variety of theories have actually arisen around who he yes, really is. There room a number of theories that have actually not been officially verified yet are plausible.

One theory suggests he is a Sheikah as evidenced by his red eyes and also the truth that that gives attach the Mask of reality in Ocarina the Time -- an object known come be synonymous with them. That may likewise be an old one a.k.a. A member the the tribe that sealed the power of Majora within of that mask because he says he deserve to feel its power.

The craziest theory is the he is the in-game manifestation of Nintendo developer Shigeru Miyamoto due to the fact that both seem to have an influence on events happening around them. They likewise have a type of comparable manic grin, no?

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