I do gain a most complaints from part Harman Kardon individuals who complain about how their gadgets are permanently disconnecting indigenous the sound source (Both phone and also mp3 players).

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If you have actually been experiencing similar challenges, this post is because that you. Ns understand how frustrating it have the right to be for you and how annoying it is and also so I chose to write around what the reason is and what you can do to settle the problem.

So, Why does my Harman Kardon keep disconnecting?

There are two major reasons why your Harman Kardon device is always disconnecting from the sound source.

1. Proximity Issue

This is the most common reason why your an equipment is disconnecting. Over 95% of people who have actually complained to me about this worry later confirm it was a proximity issue.

What perform I median by the Proximity issue? The trouble arises when there are plenty of Bluetooth devices turned on in ~ the same range ( around 50 ft radius), the Harman Kardon machine may uncover it difficult connecting due to multiple connection requests thereby resulting in a proximity issue.

Essentially, what wake up is that if her Harman Kardon an equipment is connected to your computer for instance and also you revolve on the Bluetooth device on your phone, you may disconnect the Harman Kardon due to the fact that your phone’s Bluetooth will likewise send a connection request and also since Harman Kardon is designed to take care of one link request in ~ a time, what friend will likely see is the the machine disconnects indigenous the computer.

So what carry out you do? The answer is an extremely simple, for sure that only the Bluetooth because that the sound source is switch ON. Shot and revolve off all various other Bluetooth devices and you will certainly be fine.

2. Outdated Bluetooth Driver

In part rare cases, the Bluetooth driver may be outdated and also thereby results in incompatibility issues. You have to update the Bluetooth driver and this will be solved.

How to attach Your Harman Kardon speakers to a Computer

You can attach your Harman Kardon speakers to her computer. Through this, you improve the sound quality of your computer via the external Harman Kardon speakers.

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The steps are quite straightforward and unambiguous due to the fact that the speakers are engineered to be compatible v the computer.

Therefore, you basically perform not need any guidance to attain this connection. Simply follow the procedures enumerated below and in couple of minutes you can be blasting sounds with the iconic speakers from her laptop.

First, many Harman Kardon speaker come in pairs. Location each of the pairs at every side of the computer. Attach one end of the connecting cable from one of the speakers to the dual subwoofer connector. Then connect the second cable from the 2nd speaker into the open port top top the cable connector.Next, find the Headphone port on your computer system (You will notification a headphone icon beside the port) and then plug in the end of the audio cable.Then plug the other finish of the cable into the intake cable situated at the ago of the Subwoofer.Plug the strength adapter right into your power source and then plug the output of the strength adapter right into the port on the Subwoofer.Finally, push the power button on the subwoofer. This completes the connection and you have the right to now play sounds on your speakers from the Harman Kardon Speakers.

Are Harman Kordon speaker a an excellent Choice?

Harman Kordan is among the ideal audio device makers in the industry today. Their assets include Headphones, computer speakers, portable speakers, Audio-video receivers, residence Theatre Systems, Blue-ray disc players, and Soundbars amongst others.

Irrespective that whatever products you purchase from Harman Kordan, be remainder assured the the high quality is precious the price.

Their speakers are supplied by many Laptop Manufacturers such together ASUS, Lenovo, and Dell. In the auto industry, you discover Harman Kordon speakers in popular automobile brands such as BMW and also Mercedes. All these room testimonies of the high quality that is found in Harman Kordon products.

Harman Kordon speakers space unique. Every Harman Kordan speaker are above the typical sound maker you can obtain in the market.

Again, if you space someone that is conscious about design and elegance, Harman Koron is the best an option for you. Their product aside from its amazing sound quality is elegantly design to offer you a feeling of deluxe at a price the is both modest and also competitive.

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Factors to take into consideration when purchase a Wireless Speaker

Speakers have developed over time to become one that the most typical devices in our homes and offices. Virtually all houses have one type of speaker or the other; either because that the home, office or recreational activities.

When shopping for a Wireless Speaker, there space some factors you should consider before you deserve to decide on that what come buy. In this section, I will certainly look at few of these factors.


You need something that you can easily bring around. Although, the general rule around speakers is that the enlarge the speaker, the much better the sound. However, if the speak is too big, it may be inconvenient to take it out for the end activities.

Therefore, next time you arrangement to acquisition a speaker, be sure you acquire one that is no too huge and in ~ the very same time no compromising quality.

Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth variation is an additional thing to salary close fist to. Currently, most Bluetooth gadgets operate on variation 4 and also Version 5. When it may seem as if there space no much difference between them, there room actually a lot of of advantage the variation 5 has over variation 6.

For instance, while version 4 deserve to only travel a maximum distance of 30m, variation 5 have the right to go as much as 120m. Bluetooth 5 is also faster than Bluetooth 4, if the latter has actually a rate of 2Mbps; the former has a maximum speed of less than 1Mbps.

Bluetooth 5 also allows you come pair multiple devices at a time, a feature missing in variation 4.


You may likewise need to look because that a speak that has actually waterproof protection. This is denoted by the speaker’s IP rating. For instance, a maker with a rating that IPX4 means it is splash-proof and also spil friendly, hence making it it s okay for places like Kitchens and Picnics.

For those v IP rating IPX7, they can survive downpour; same with IP67. If girlfriend are trying to find a speak you have the right to use in your pool, the finest option for you is a speaker through an IP rating that IP68. They can stay in ~ a depth of 1.5m listed below water and last because that 30 minutes.

Best Harman Kardon machine to to buy in 2021


1. Harman Kardon Aura Studio 2 Bluetooth speaker System


check price ~ above Amazon

Product Features

Harman Kardon AURA STUDIO 2 comes through an ambient white glow native the centre wind turbine beautified additional by an animated center ring of LED, every these designed to offer you a wonderful listening experience.Harman Kardon is a leader in audio devices and so the is no a surprise that the AURA studio 2 comes v an extraordinary sound experience. With the Harman Kardon proprietary stereotype widening DSP technology, what you acquire is premium, completely optimized audio.The iconic architecture of the AURA studio 2 pipeline you breathless. The evolved sound stick style enhances the reputation of the device.The an equipment is designed to seamlessly integrate with every kinds of sound sources Mac, iPhone, and also other clever devices.

In summary, as soon as you to buy the Harman Kardon AURA STUDIO 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, you are getting a an equipment with High Bluetooth quality, top design, basic to use, and a good lighting system offering you an all-around experience.

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2. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5

Check price on Amazon

The Onyx Studio 5 is a little greater than the Studio 4 however the functions are quite similar. Some of the attributes of this speak include:

The Speaker has IPX7 waterproof protection and this means you don’t need to worry around where you use them even if it is it is in her kitchen sink or Bathtub.Just choose Studio 4, girlfriend can likewise connect 2 different gadgets to it in ~ once and then pat music from either of lock in turns.With the Bluetooth streaming capability, you gain seamless wireless connectivity that gives you the capacity to play song from everywhere in your room without worrying around any cable.Harman Kardon products are recognized for their long-lasting batteries and also that Onyx studio 5 deserve to last for as much as eight hours of continuous play.The product is created with the best materials. A blend of Aluminium material and a fabric finish offers it one elegant appearance.With a 50W rated power, you can rest assured of the finest Bass quality and premium sound experience.

3. Harman Kardon AURA STUDIO 3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Check price ~ above Amazon

Product Features

The Harman Kardon AURA 3 speak supports Bluetooth and also Airplay for wireless streaming native compatible tools such as Mac, iPhone, and also other clever devices.The speaker is developed with two varieties of transducers. The 6 mid come high range 1.5 inches traducers for Omni-direction sound and another 4.5 customs subwoofer for terrific Bass Quality.You enjoy wonderful sound experience courtesy the Harman Kardon’s practice widening DSP audio technology that is designed for room-filling and also full frequency while enjoying a well-balanced sound with magnified equalization all engineered for your maximum comfort and enjoyment.The machine comes with a customized Harman Kardon Remote application that allows you come quickly collection up the maker and for connectivity.

In summary, Harman Kardon provides you a speaker with a distinctive Audio design, an exceptional 360 degrees sound, exorbitant lighting aesthetics, and Wireless streaming capability via Bluetooth

4. Onyx Studio 4 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Check price top top Amazon

The Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Wireless Bluetooth speaker is among the premium products from Harman Kardon. Some of its features include:

Onyx Studio 4 offers you an remarkable listening experience with the capability to connect an ext than 100HK Connect-enabled speakers wirelessly.Onyx Studio 4 has actually a very strong battery qualified of lasting you because that over eight hours.With Onyx Studio 4 from Harman Kardon, girlfriend can connect 2 gadgets at the exact same time and also then play indigenous each among them as it suits you. Deserve to you beat that?You can attach to Siri or Google now from Onyx Studio 4 powerful speakers just with a press of a button. Friend can additionally configure this utilizing the HK connect App.You can play your music wireless utilizing Bluetooth thereby providing you a seamless experience.Onyx Studio 4 is elegantly design combining premium fabrics, superb finishing, and iconic design to give you that luxury experience friend desire.

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5. Harman Kardon citation surround speaker (black)

Check price ~ above Amazon


Citation ONE is designed come be supplied for music streamingYou can affix the maker to your sound resource Via BluetoothIt can additionally be associated to the neighborhood Wi-Fi network so together to allow you come play music through Google ChromecastCitation ONE speak is compatible v Google HomeThe maker is draft such the it deserve to play music at any kind of moment for this reason the Bluetooth and also Wi-Fi relations are configured to remain energetic always so as to ensure that the machine is working fine.The machine is in compliance through the european Commission Regulation as networked tools with High Network availability.It also has a Power consumption Standby capability

How to carry out Firmware upgrade on Harman Kardon speakers

In may 2020, Harman Kardon exit updates come its AVR2600, 3600, and also 7550HD receivers. The firmware Upgrade allowed HDMI 1.4a. What this way for the users is that the brand-new receivers will be 3D-easy and also like the upgrade for PS3, this update rises the capability of the receiver come decode HD 3D ~ above the fly.

The firmware upgrade is easily accessible on the main Harman Kardon website at no cost to present owners. The steps connected are

Download the software application to a USB storage disc.Insert the USB drive into the front dashboard USB jack.Use the AVR unit far to navigate with the screen following the accuse on the display screen on just how to install.

Please note that there is no direct connection in between the computer and also AVR needed. This renders the update very simple and seamless.

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Why Does mine Harman Kardon save Disconnecting – Conclusion

We have actually looked in ~ the key reasons why your Harman Kadon maker is disconnecting. That is usually since of the proximity interface. In simple language, over there are various other Bluetooth tools that space switched ON and the device is design to process one Bluetooth inquiry at a time. You have to switch turn off all various other Bluetooth devices for the to avoid disconnecting.