mine earphones only work when i plug them halfway, yet only top top the laptop. Once I perform that ~ above my iphone 4s there is no sound and also If ns plug the totality thing in I just hear the lift noise. Ns think its something indigenous the jack, but when I move the wire very closely to the jack it functions for a second and climate disappear again.

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Where execute you think the problem is?


Have girlfriend tested one more earphone? periodically when the wires are damaged or in a quick circuit in earphones, earphones exhibition this behavior. If that is the case, it must be replaced.


I assumed my headphones were messed up. Tried castle in 2 computers, and also they would certainly only occupational when halfway unplugged.I tried cleaning them turn off by clean everything the plug and also it didn"t help, but then ns tried again an additional day, clean the plug more thoroughly and now castle work great again.They space the 3 conductor band form with 2 tiny insulator part between. It seems that conductive dust or something can gain on the insulator the isn"t even visible and also make them not work. Try this very first before an ext drastic steps. Hope it helps.


It sounds like (no pun intended) you have a problem in at the very least one the the wires in the headphone cable - most most likely the ground connection.

Unless those "phones are specifically valuable it"s most likely easiest to simply replace them.

If the break is near the plug, a technician deserve to fit a new plug for might be $30-$50, so if they"re high-quality "phones that could be worthwhile.


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