Feature Photo: Homes and also the park in ~ Vinsant one in legacy Oaks. The community is to be razed to make means for new roads and utilities for a greater density single family real estate development. Image: Google Streets.

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by Adolfo Pesquera

San Antonio (Bexar County) — The Brooks advancement Authority board of director authorized ~ above Tuesday negotiation to finalize a lease commitment for the redevelopment that Heritage Oaks, a 1960s era community that was once home to police officers assigned come Brooks Air force Base.

Heritage Oaks and also some adjacent land that consists of the current administrative offices the Brooks City Base and the ar 3 City the supervisory board member comprise 66.436 acres. There room 163 single family homes in heritage Oaks and all will at some point be razed to make way for brand-new housing.

“The residences were constructed (circa) 1962 and also the utilities, the plumbing, all the facilities is very outdated,” said Connie Gonzalez, Brooks director of strategy and communications.


The bureaucratic offices of Brooks. Image: Google Streets.

In the comes months, the plank of directors should formulate a transition plan to relocate the management offices and also district the supervisory board office. However, the redevelopment will not involved the east sector (Phase 3) till 2023-2024.

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When the Air pressure base to be decommissioned, the advancement authority preserved the legacy Oaks homes easily accessible as rental properties and many that the dwellings are still occupied. With the goal of retaining as numerous of the inhabitants as possible, Brooks and Preston Hollow resources established an assistance plan the offers each tenant a $750 relocation allowance, 100% refunds of deposits upon their move out, and an initial options come lease as soon as the site is redeveloped. Residents will additionally be available the first month rent free.