Welcome to the McHoul Funeral Home, Inc. Website. Even if it is you would favor to learn an ext about planning a funeral or grief support, or you're just looking for basic information top top funeral arrangements, you re welcome feel cost-free to look around. If girlfriend have any kind of questions,we're obtainable by phone, by email or in person. We look forward to taking treatment of you.

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News & Events
Due to the major storm and also power outages in Fishkill last night, solutions for Michael Lentini have been relocated to ours HOPEWELL JUNCTION location. Calling hours will be held TODAY, Wednesday, may 16th, from 4-6pm and 7-9pm at our HOPEWELL JUNCTION location. Thank you!
Pre-arrangement switching
At the McHoul Funeral Home, for countless years we have actually placed ours confidence in The PrePlan for every our client families" pre-funded arrangements.Our Fishkill Funeral home is now registered v The PrePlan and additionally has the volume to aid establish pre-paid funeral trusts. Already pre-arranged with an additional firm? In brand-new York State,both revocable and irrevocable pre-paid trusts room 100% commutable by law and can be transferred to another funeral home at any time. Call us to comment on the simplicity of this smooth transition.
Fishkill is Open!
As that Tuesday, September 6, 2011, our new Fishkill facility is open up for business. Located at 1089 key Street in the village of Fishkill, our household is proud to continue our tradition of offer the occupants of Dutchess County. Our brand-new telephone number in Fishkill is (845) 896-2000.
Storm update
Our phone lines in Hopewell Junction have actually now been revitalized and we deserve to be reached at 221-2000.
Oct. 29 Snowstorm
Both places remain open up at this time. However, our Hopewell funeral home's call lines space down. If you room in require of ours services, we deserve to be reached at the Fishkill place by dialing 845-896-2000.
Open residence August 31
Our family members is pleased to announce that we will be hosting an open House event at our brand-new funeral house in Fishkill on Wednesday, respectable 31, between the hours of 3 & 7 p.m. This event is open up to the general public.
Our brand-new Funeral residence in Fishkill
The McHoul household is pleased to announce the within a few months, we will open up a brand-new funeral house at 1089 key Street in the village of Fishkill. Us are currently renovating the 5,000 square foot federal-style house, i m sorry was built in 1810. Our new facility will offer numerous of the very same features discovered at our Hopewell Junction home, v comfortable, spacious visitation rooms and also full handicap access.
New Website
We are pleased to announce the you are among the very first visitors to utilize our recently re-designed website. Please contact us if you have any type of trouble navigating your way through the pages.

We administer our families with an open up door policy. Please feel totally free to contact us 24 hours a day.

McHoul Funeral Home, Inc.

895 route 82 , P.O. Crate A Hopewell Junction, NY 12533

McHoul Funeral residence of Fishkill, Inc.

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1089 main Street Fishkill, NY 12524
McHoul Funeral Home, Inc. Hopewell Junction
McHoul Funeral residence of Fishkill, Inc.

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Grieving doesn"t constantly end through the funeral: i ordered it to our free daily grief assistance email program, designed to help you a small bit every day, through filling out the kind below.

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room you spring to include a an individual touch to her loved one"s funeral service? would certainly you favor to browse through our directory of viewing merchandise? probably you desire to learn more about planning your very own funeral. We"ve made all of this details — and more — available for you to check out in the comfort and privacy of your home.

help You Grieve

our experience has actually taught us that when shedding a love one, those left behind feeling lost and also alone. Plenty of do not understand where to turn to or how to cope. Our grief support programs in ar are dedicated to help you throughout your challenging time and making each day a little easier for you as soon as a loved one is lost.

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If you have actually immediate require of ours services, we"re easily accessible for girlfriend 24 hours a day.
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sell a gift that comfort and also beauty to a family suffering from loss.
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it is no always feasible to pay respects in person, so we hope the this little token will help.
A gift to your family, sparing them tough decisions at an emotionally time.
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McHoul Funeral Home, Inc. Hopewell Junction
895 path 82
P.O. Crate A
Hopewell Junction, NY 12533
McHoul Funeral residence of Fishkill, Inc.
1089 main Street
Fishkill, NY 12524
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