I want to reblog that gif set of TWD actors at Ausiello (mostly come say i love Sonequa’s face expressions) yet I can’t. It says I cannot reblog this post. I’ve make the efforts to carry out it from numerous ppl posts and I keep acquiring the same message. I tried to walk to the OP’s blog, however it won’t take it me there. incubadoradeartistas.com keeps saying”I’m broken” “Try again” etc however I deserve to open other ppl blogs, yet I can’t reblog that from over there either.

Have ns been blocked by this person. Ns have had actually no interaction with them and also am not pressed if that’s the deal, I just am curious if that’s exactly how blocking works.


I think it states “You’ve been blocked by this user.” the wouldn’t also let you watch tweets, so ns doubt you’ve to be blocked.

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“You write-up cannot be reblogged” means A) you have been clogged by the original poster. Or B) you space trying to reblog directly from a an answer within a object from someone who has actually blocked you.

So what walk blocking actually do? I have the right to go to their incubadoradeartistas.com page and see your posts and also it allows me click “Follow” and changes the symbol to “Unfollow” yet the person doesn’t display up ~ above my follow list. For some reason I believed blocking would typical ppl couldn’t see posts on your blog or from her blog. I usage to see write-ups from one acct ns blocked as soon as their write-ups were reblogged and also replied come by someone i follow. Now, ns don’t check out that and I can’t tell if the ppl i follow no longer reblog or if the program is currently blocking even reblogs of blocked acct content.

Blocking doesn’t change how girlfriend “see” someone’s blog url. All it does the block girlfriend from reblogging AT every in a thread lock start, also you reblog someone else’s comments in the thread the don’t have you blocked. And also like I said you can’t reblog noþeles of theirs also their comments. incubadoradeartistas.com doesn’t alert girlfriend if someone blocks you. They will no longer see her original articles on their dashboard however will still watch your short articles if the human being they monitor reblog you. You deserve to follow yet they won’t present up, that part is correct. It’s every a cluster rather frankly. It would make more sense if someone blocks you every actions should be mutual and you should obtain an alert.

Thank you for the explanation. Impede doesn’t provide you any type of privacy really. They need a far better system.

This doesn’t it seems ~ right because I know someone i blocked has actually reblogged mine stuff, and also even once I block who they still regulate to present up on my dashboard if someone ns follow reblogs them. They yes, really really need a better blocking system.


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yes the fucking kayak is ago because I’m dumb and also can’t carry out things properly. Chat will start in around ten minutes.

The various other chat connect is no longer active, this is the now the correct one..

Hey, BabyKay! I’m yes, really hoping you’ll check out this before Monday. Ns was thinking around joining the chats if that’s feasible and okay with the girls and also I don’t know how basically. Perform you psychic explaining the website I must go to or everything I require to join in? That would certainly be substantially appreciated ❤️ Also, carry out you know any type of other PennyLane’s society media accounts bc i’ve messaged her a question but by the look of her account she’s not on right here frequently. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this!


I would have to say that if you wish to sign up with the chat, you need to come off anonymous, and also have connected on incubadoradeartistas.com and/or Twitter. Ns haven’t been that strict v who joins, yet I won’t it is in hosting tonight, so you would need to ask
Penny_Lane714 and her YouTube account is Vicky Lynn.

That said, top top the technological side it’s quite easy. Every you need is Google Hangouts on your phone or computer and then the hold will send friend a connect to the chat room.

Thanks because that the ask, and I hope you come off anon so we can acquire to recognize you!

Hey, BabyKay! people have been asking Ashley around the discussions and where to uncover you because we miss out on them so much!!! It’s simply been a boring fest there is no ur consistent chats ~ every episode and you men haven’t excellent it because that the previous 4 eps. I think she pointed out you gift in another country at the moment? If that’s the case, we entirely understand but is it stopped completely? If she not obtainable is someone rather able to host? Sorry, if that seems favor I’m bugging you, however we miss out on y’all a ton❤️

I’ve gained a couple of messages about the chats so I’m walk to deal with them here.

I should apologize for not clearly communicating the condition of the chats. At the minute I am on hiatus from hosting them. Ns did questioning Emme to hold the very first one after ~ the MSP, yet she to be unable, and also since nobody volunteered to take my place, i figured anyone was as well busy to execute them anyway. The said, i shouldn’t have actually assumed that and also I must have actively found someone else to carry out them, and also I’m sorry for no being a far better host.

So at this allude I’d favor to ask for volunteer to host. Ns really do hope that the chats will proceed in the future even if I can no longer participate.

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I’m i m really sorry to everyone i told we would certainly resume our regular chats this week, but I will certainly not be hosting the chat, and I’m no sure once I’ll be able to do it again.