Sasuke is lacking his left hand in Boruto: Naruto the Movie. In the manga, Tsunade provides him a brand-new hand however he gets it removed. Why?



Sasuke refused tsunades offer for the eight to remind himself of his sins. This is quoted right from the manga.


Taken indigenous the Naruto Wikia :

Sasuke loses his left arm at the finish of the fourth Shinobi people War, despite unlike Naruto, that opts not to have actually it replaced with a prosthetic the was being ready for him.

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According to mine opinion, he just wanted to keep that lose to repeat him that someone that is constantly willing to walk to great lengths too save him (naruto). Also he shouldn"t see the civilization in darkness as he provided to in shippuden. When naruto accepted Tsunade-hime"s help to have an arm, he to be being a small emo here. After every it was the biggest event in his life.


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