In Subnautica, the world of world 4546B is your oyster, through its vast ocean and underwater caves just begging to be explored. And like most open-world survival gamings nowadays, most of her time would certainly be invested doing just that.

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This is no to say that the game doesn't have actually a key narrative because that players to follow or several goals for castle to obtain through before the credits roll. The is simply that the video game is structured in such a means that it urges them to check out in bespeak to carry out so. And also the planet is so large that it would take plenty of hours come realistically see most of it. Yet just just how much of an actual time investment room we talking about here?

exactly how Long walk It require to Beat Subnautica?

A screenshot mirroring the player holding a scanner in Subnautica
The moment-to-moment gameplay in Subnautica takes place at a much more leisurely pace 보다 your usual open-world game. As such, you'll be spending considerable amounts of time just obtaining from suggest A to point B. There space scenarios whereby you'd encounter enemy creatures, and while combat is an option, you'd be much better served by taking a stealthy method with opponent encounters, which further increases the intended playtime.

but for the many part, the civilization itself and also how ideal to traverse it provides the greatest challenge in the game. It is a difficulty that deserve to be surmounted, assuming girlfriend abide through the game's numerous rules, which should take many players around 29 hrs on average, follow to Of course, you should expect to spend way longer 보다 that if you intend to do an ext than simply tackle the key objectives.

A screenshot reflecting the player dealing with a leviathan in Subnautica
as well as uncovering every the mysteries the game throws in ~ you, most of your time in Subnautica would be spent scanning the miscellaneous fauna and flora the inhabit the s of planet 4546B. You'd also be crafting various tools and items from sources you conference in the environment, also as setting up seabases, all while keeping an eye on your critical stats favor food and also oxygen, which additionally need to it is in replenished indigenous time to time.

follow to, completionists can expect come sink in 56 hrs on average to do and see it all.

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