WHAT space MY SHIPPING alternatives FOR THE united STATES?

COVID-19 Update: during this time our customer business team is functioning remotely. Please permit minimum 5-7 day an answer time for any kind of customer business inquiries. Call lines will certainly not be answered at this time but we will still be check our voicemails. Friend may also email united state at customerservice
incubadoradeartistas.com. Also, because of the volume of shipments, distribution time has almost doubled. We room working through FedEx to number out solutions but unfortunately currently it is finest to stay patient and also we will perform our best to get your order delivered.

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Shipping is cost-free for U.S. Assignment (before tax and also shipping is applied)

All U.S. Orders are shipped via commonwealth Express.

We sell the following shipping techniques at inspect out:

Fed Ex floor (Delivered in ~ 7-21 service days). Please permit 24 hrs after distribution confirmation because that tracking information to update.Fed Ex to express (Delivered in ~ 5-14 company days). Please allow 24 hours after shipment confirmation for tracking info to update

When filling out your shipping, based upon state location, FedEx Ground and also FedEx express price will populate at checkout unless you qualify for cost-free shipping. FedEx refer shipping is the only available shipping choices for Alaska and Hawaii. We do not offer ground or following Day Air/Overnight come Alaska or Hawaii. The shipping expenses for her order rely on the full amount in your cart before any type of taxes or discounts.

Sample shipping costs shown below:

Order Amount

Ground(7-21 organization Days)

Express(5-14 organization Days)

Hawaii & Alaska(7-21 company Days)





















HOW long WILL IT take to SHIP my ORDER?

Our warehouse will process and delivery orders Monday v Friday. Offered that your order is not collection to host by ours fraud prevention team, your order need to be shipped within 1-2 service days. Please keep in mind that every orders will certainly ship the following company day indigenous completing your payment. This way if you’ve placed your bespeak on Friday, you will certainly not obtain tracking info until Monday. We apologize in advance but this goes for expedited orders as well.

Please keep in mind the approximated arrival provided by incubadoradeartistas.com is just an estimation based on your location. Specific circumstances including FedEx may reason delays the are beyond our control. If you require your order ceded by a details date, we recommend making use of an expedited shipping option. You will certainly receive an email with a Fed Ex tracking number that has actually a much more accurate delivery day within 24 hours. Please keep in mind orders placed over the holidays have the right to take much longer to process. 

Expedited shipping starts when the order leaves with FedEx, not once it is accepted into our system. Please note that every orders will certainly ship the following company day from when payment is made. 

To calculation how rapid your shipments will reach their destination with the FedEx soil option inspect the map below:


CAN i SHIP mine ORDER to A MILITARY attend to OR P.O. BOX?

Unfortunately, us cannot delivery to APO/ FPO addresses or P.O. Boxes. No exceptions.

WHY IS my ORDER ~ above HOLD?

incubadoradeartistas.com does our best to safeguard your money and also ours. We have actually a fraud prevention device that looks in ~ orders in our system that can possibly be fraudulent. Assignment are set to hold so ours fraud avoidance team can examine them out and make sure they are legitimate. Come ensure the quickest shipping time for your order, you re welcome make sure your billing and shipping addresses match. If these execute not match, you may be asked to provide verification for your billing information. We can cancel any type of order we believe may be placed under cheat circumstances. Since electronic fraud is an extremely prevalent this days, incubadoradeartistas.com has to take extra precaution come ensure your money and also our money is protected. 

HOW carry out I monitor MY ORDER?

You will get an stimulate confirmation v email upon submitting her order. When your stimulate is processed and also packed, our system will email you a FedEx tracking number. Please permit 24 hrs for Ground and also Express to update.

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If you carry out not obtain your order confirmation email instantly after her order is placed, please check your spam/junk folder or call customer service

CAN I change OR release AN ORDER?

Unfortunately, as soon as an stimulate is it is registered it is instantly transmitted to an automated handling system. This gives the fastest method for receiving her order. As such, order cancellations and modifications room not possible, also if the order has not been significant as shipped. We manage multiple brands v a tiny staff so we cannot insurance an order can be removed from a pallet as soon as picked.

You will receive a pre-paid return shipping label with your bespeak if you"d prefer to send your item ago once you obtain it. Unfortunately, we carry out not market exchanges, however will it is in happy to gain you a refund or gift map to replace your order.