Finally ~ owning this game on PS2 because I was a kid I lastly beat this game on ps4 after ~ a 4 job grind. I should say I appreciated it yet not even close come as lot as the original. I liked the characters and all the touchy feels because that sure, yet the georama was too tough to understand as a kid. I have actually 4 FAQ's, walkthrough, checklists, etc open for all of this micromanaging nonsense... However I didn't miss out on a single picture! I'm quiet thinking about platinuming the game yet golfing because that the medals looks unbearable.

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Gotta say i will always find the an initial game together the critical classic.. The town building and also atlamillia was just more basic and also satisfying in mine opinion. Also are the games linked in anyway? Osborn threw me off.

Good video game I hope they make a 3rd one eventually.


Spheda because that the medals no the hard part of 100%. IMO it to be the monster leveling to obtain all the medals in thing 7 and also all the item clean medals. No really hard, simply tedious. You deserve to do it!!!

I honestly have no idea exactly how anyone could've 100% this video game with no overview when it very first came out. Many thanks for the confidence, i think I'm gonna take a couple days of a rest to operation through destroy all people 2 quick and then walk back. I'm just so overwhelmed. Pics. Invents. Monsters. Medals. Golf. Super lengthy last dungeon. Weapon building (the at sight fun component that I find satisfying) oh and also don't forget fishing contest! Maaaaaan..

I was aiming for the platinum trophy, however I couldn't think how slow-moving the monster leveling is. I've been stalled in thing 7 because that months. :/

Level 5 cases that they space not associated in any way but being spiritual successors, however I personally think lock are. IMO the conclusion that Dark Cloud 1 sets up an alternate universe in which DC2 becomes possible, and thus details characters show up in both games and the assorted references between the 2 make sense.

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Nice theory. Mine is that perhaps dark cloud 1 was a next story during the future that 2. Because Osmond is uncovered in the future as much as i know. Possibly the genie is resurrected after ~ the mine. Idk. Choose you said level 5 stated they're not associated but I favor fan theory

It is the number 1 ~ above my every time favourite gamings list. Only this and maybe Ogre fight 64 have the most hrs of playthroughs for me, and I have 1000's of hrs in some games

I agree the this was a an excellent game, yet the first is just a bit far better IMO. The second has a lot an ext bells and whistles: it's prettier, an ext sidequests/minigames/things come do, but the main point dungeon crawling and town-building (especially) to be just much better in the an initial game. I had more of a link to the communities you construct in the first game due to the fact that you're reconstructing people's actual homes and their belongings. In DC2 you're placing a bunch of buildings and placing random civilization from your hometown in them. No link to the proceedings. Simply my 2 cents.


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