Teddy Riley Biography

Teddy Riley is an American document producer, singer, songwriter, and also widely recognized as a multi-instrumentalist attributed with the development of the new jack swing genre. Riley has developed hip hop and also R&B for Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Keith Sweat, Samantha Mumba, and also Doug E. Fresh. Teddy additionally spearheaded groups like “Guy and also Blackstreet”

Teddy Riley Age and also Birthday

Teddy was born Edward Theodore Riley on October 8, 1967, in Harlem, new York, United states of America. He celebrates his date of birth on the 8th October that every year. He is 54 years old as of 2021.

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Teddy Riley Family

Riley was born and raised in St. Nicholas Houses, Harlem, new York. His information concerning her parental is no yet obtainable but once available it will be updated. ALSO READ: Skai Jackson

Teddy Riley Photo

Teddy Riley Wife

Riley is right now married come his mam Donna Roberts. The information about his marriage including his wedding details is at this time not available.

Teddy Riley youngsters | Children

Riley and also his mam Dona space proud parents of eight children, 4 daughters and four boys. Daughter, (Nia Riley-Step daughter), Taja Riley, Dejanee Riley, and Bobbie Riley, Sons, Samar Riley, Lil Teddy Riley, Dante Horne, TJ Riley.

Teddy Riley Daughters and also R.I.L.E.Y Group

Teddy is a proud dad of 3 daughters Deja Riley, Taja Riley, and also Bobbie Riley. The three sisters formed a girl team R.I.L.E.Y. Official in 2010, under the guidance of their legendary music producer father, Teddy. His daughters to be born in brand-new Rochelle, new York, and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. Currently, castle live in Los Angeles.

Teddy Riley network Worth

Teddy together an completed record producer, singer, songwriter, and also multi-instrumentalist has actually an approximated net precious of $4 million.

Teddy Michael Jackson

Teddy, invoice Bottrell, and also Bruce Swedien co-produced the eighth studio album “Dangerous” the Michael Jackson. The album was released through Epic records on November 26, 1991. Dangerous showed up at number one top top the Billboard 200, simply as in ten other nations’ diagrams. Nine singles debuted in between November 1991 and also December 1993, consisting of two just discharged exterior the unified States.

Teddy Riley Soulja Boy

Nia Riley a step-daughter come Teddy was struck by his ex-boyfriend Soulja Boy. Soulja and also Riley have actually been now and also again through the expectancy of years, and also the 2 are clearly off because that good. During scene 8 the “MBC,” which transfer on Thursday, the ex-couple obtained into a hazardous fight in the night when the whole cast was sleeping. The “Pretty young Swag” rapper to be crushed that Riley, stepdaughter of R&B legend Teddy Riley, stated a final farewell come him top top a past scene, disclosing to her that she had mortified the on national TV.

Riley, who claimed a last farewell come Soulja kid since of their regular quarreling, hollered because that him to it is in calm and “leave” she alone when looking on she cellphone. “Large Draco” ended up being unsettled the Riley wasn’t providing him any kind of consideration and rushed her. He bounced onto Riley’s bed, which was over the room from his, and also attempted to snatch the telephone out of she hand. The mother of one belted the end an ear-puncturing shout while dismissing the from her as he obtained her foot.

Teddy Riley Gene Griffin

Teddy’s uncle own the acclaimed Harlem club The Rooftop, made a studio in the club in i m sorry Riley would certainly invest the vast majority of his power while farming up. By 14, upstate new York rappers began making music to his tracks. Under the direction of nearby music machine Gene Griffin, Riley shaped the quick gathering kids at Work. At 18 year old, Riley ceded Kool Moe Dee’s 12″ single, “Go view the Doctor”. Discharged on an autonomous mark in 1986, the tune turned right into a hybrid hit, coming to No.89 ~ above the Billboard warm 100. Riley had recently chipped away at the creation of Doug E. New and the get Fresh Crew’s “The Show” in 1985.

Teddy Riley Babyface

The profoundly foreseen Instagram Live fight between Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds and also Teddy didn’t revolve out true to type Saturday night.

Issues with the sound, explicitly on Riley’s end, finished the faceoff between the two unbelievable devices that attracted in excess of 400,000 watchers. It looked just as Riley was collection up for a show, not at all like Babyface who was sit in a studio.

That may have been Riley’s ruin because all watchers heard to be playback and echoes at whatever allude it to be his opportunity to beat a melody. The remarks to be filled v kids about the 2 makers’ age – Babyface is 62 and also Riley is 53 – and them not having actually the alternative to use Instagram.

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Comic Lil Duval post on his Instagram, speak Riley should simply utilize his iphone to document as opposed to attempting to collection up a show.

Teddy Riley songs | created Songs

Ladies’ Night (song)Let’s ChillLiar (Profyle song)Love in the 90zD-O-G Me OutDancin’ (Guy song)Dangerous (Michael Jackson song)Demon (song)Do ThangzDon’t leave Me (Blackstreet song)Take Me there (Blackstreet and Mýa song)Teddy’s JamTeeth (Lady Gaga song)That’s the method Love Is (Bobby Brown song)Those GurlzTonight’s the Night (Blackstreet song)Remember the TimeRight here (SWV song)‘Round and also ‘Round (Merry walk ‘Round the Love)Rump Shaker (song)

Teddy Riley Facts

Full Name: Edward Theodore RileyAge: 54 year old together of 2021Date of Birth: October 8, 1967Place the Birth: Harlem, new YorkWife: Donna RobertsChildren: Nia Riley, Taja Riley, Dejanee Riley, Samar Riley, Lil Teddy Riley, Dante Horne, Bobbie Riley, TJ RileyHeight: 5’6″ (1.7 m)Net Worth: $4 million

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