Once ~ above a time, people who want to exchange papers didn’t upload them come the cloud, send castle via email, or copy them come a USB thumb drive. Instead, lock relied top top floppy disks — ancient relics that organized an significantly pitiful lot of data as time wore on, yet, choose bedbugs, proved almost impossible to kill. Multiple carriers tried to introduce replacement products, however neither Zip disks no one SuperDrives might kill the ubiquitous 1.44MB disk.

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Geek.com has the story of Dr. Moddnstine, an enterprising hacker who made decision to upgrade his old Aptiva instance with a modern-day system — and hacked a floppy drive to produce a 128GB storage pool as well. Just when you assumed it was for sure to go earlier to the server room, the 3.5-inch zombie rides again.


Image by Dr. Moddnstine

This can be done due to the fact that — most likely by possibility — the pins on one SD map perfectly align to the individual wires ~ above a floppy drive cable. The made it possible to splice a floppy cable into a USB map reader. He then bent the call pins for the reader upwards, for this reason they’d make call with an put floppy.


Image through Dr. Moddnstine

This snapshot shows the decaying drive with a floppy inserted. You have the right to see the reader making call with the SD card, which happens to right beautifully within the shell of an north floppy.

The result of this insanity is a floppy drive that can read a 128GB disk. There’s a video clip below the the mechanism in action — Windows has actually no trouble detecting a “Drive A:”, and also since the floppy card reader actually connects come an inner USB port, the mechanism doesn’t need an ancient floppy controller come function. The mode is totally invisible indigenous the external of the system, and also the Aptiva itself has been turned practically invisibly right into a main point i7-6700K Skylake rig, with modern ports and capabilities melded seamlessly v the top of 1990s style and also engineering. Beige has actually never looked so… beige.

I wouldn’t desire to take it bets on how long the system will work before the card reader contacts pull away from the mount suggest and avoid reading the card reliably. But if you’re willing to popular music the mechanism open periodically and also bend them earlier (and anyone ready to do this most likely is), it should role indefinitely. As an included bonus, girlfriend won’t have to buy a regime with 15 of this “disks,” only to find one of lock failed in the box before you also unpacked the software. Fine played, Dr. Moddnstine. Fine played.

A full gallery the mod changes can be checked out here, yet be warned: The image files are huge and there space dozens, if not thousands of them.

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