YouTuber JC Caylen is well-known for his signature curls, his love the backflips, and his collection of tattoos. The 25-year-old has actually been keeping his pendant updated ~ above his body art since his very an initial tattoo (a cloud top top his ideal wrist) — but TBH, it’s difficult to save track of simply how plenty of tattoos that has had actually inked almost everywhere his body. 

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JC, that can include the MTV reboot of Fear variable to his resume, has everything from a wishbone (in respect of his dog) to the timeless mom love tattoo permanently inserted on his sleeves, i beg your pardon honestly changes from someday to the next. However, no matter what he it s okay next, we have actually a feeling he will return to his go-to artist Romeo Lacoste. 

The longtime friends even filmed a Tattoo Roulette video for YouTube and also (spoiler alert) the contestant was forced to gain a tattoo of JC’s selecting — a warm wing. While JC (real name: Justin Caylen Castillo) has actually yet come ink a hot wing ~ above his very own body, that does have more than a couple of exceptionally outstanding pieces. 


One of his very first tattoos was the dream catcher/compass/world map hybrid top top his right bicep. This to be of course done by his girlfriend Romeo and we assume catches JC’s love of travel and adventure.

However, his singular eight tattoo to be short-lived — and also now JC’s dreamcatcher has actually plenty the company. From a rose to a girl in a bikini (possibly a homage to his girl friend Chelsea) to the pretty self-explanatory “loser” text, his love that tattoos is nice clear. 

As because that the 143 changed by the 153? your guess is as great as ours. One fan concept is the 143 method “I love you” when 153 way “I adore you.” Cute. 

JC also has a matching tattoo with his dad — by, girlfriend guessed it, Romeo Lacoste. “Father and also son,” the captioned the Instagram photo.


JC did give fans the definition behind this abstract heart tattoo — located top top his left bicep. “Wearing my heart on mine sleeve,” he wrote. “Begins at three dimensions, climate breaks under to two, climate one dimension. The looks like it transforms into star constellations.” 

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He additionally has a pretty detailed piece of a skull wearing a aboriginal American headpiece. Rather of feathers, the headpiece is adorned by trees and also if girlfriend look near enough, you have the right to see a moon, a wolf, one alien, and also some teepees concealed in the branches. 

If you deserve to look previous his beloved dog Wishbone, you’ll notice a huge angel soup inked on his best shoulder.