A many of human being recognize who is Jeff Lewis really well. To many of us, he is a TV personality who came to be famous because that starring in residence renovating and designing collection ‘Flipping Out.‘ therefore while the rest of the civilization may watch him together a expert interior designer and also real estate speculator as seen on the show but to his organization manager, Gage Edward who is also a cast member of Jeff’ display ‘Flipping Out,’ Jeff Lewis is an ext of a life partner.

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Learn more about their relationship together with Gage Edward’s net worth and also salary. Also, learn more about Gage Edward’s life indigenous his age and birthdate indigenous the wiki-bio that the male who is the closest thing to Jeff Lewis’s wife.

Jeff Lewis and also Gage Edward Partners. Understand their baby

Gage Edward is indeed Jeff Lewis’ wife or the closest point to one. Jeff Lewis is never a person to reveal vital details indigenous his exclusive life, and the exact same goes because that his partner Gae Edward, but a small bit of information constantly gets out specifically if one’s personal and skilled life is together entangled together Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward.


Gage Edward through his companion Jeff Lewis

We say this since James Lewis and also Gage Edward space not just partners in real life but also in your business and also their on-screen illustration in the show ‘Flipping Out’ and also ‘Interior concept with Jeff Lewis.’ Gage Edward has been in a partnership with Jeff Lewis for around eight years, however even after ~ being with each other for such a long time, they haven’t been married so you can’t describe Gage Edward together Jeff Lewis’ mam or husband. Possibly the pair is wary of naming their relationship as castle don’t even to describe each other by the friend tag so we won’t too.

However, just due to the fact that Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward are not married walk not typical that they space taking things very slowly together well. Gage Edward and also Jeff Lewis are also partners in fatherhood together they raise a daughter together called Monroe Christine. They had their daughter through the procedure of surrogacy after lock failed to achieve it with adoption.

However, also that turn ugly because that the new fathers once their surrogate mother decided to sue them for showing her body in an unlikable method and off-color remarks by Jeff Lewis. However Gage Edward and also Jeff Lewis space not letting it sluggish down their momentum and also have opened up up around already wanting another child.

Their probable next child will likewise be through surrogacy. They already have 5 frozen embryos, and also they desire their following child to it is in Gage’s embryo. Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward additionally shared that the the strongest embryo is a young so hope we will see an additional child together the couple’s son.

It is clear that the 2 of lock are fantastic fathers especially Gage follow to Jeff that told Huffington Post

“Gage is one of the many amazing hands-on dads I’ve ever witnessed. He’s so nurturing and the major caregiver. I take his lead, and also he speak me ‘get this,’ ‘get that,’ ‘do this.’ he’s so confident and comfortable that I simply let that make many decisions. For significant decisions, us consult every other, however he’s a natural.”

Gage Edward net Worth, Salary, resources of income

Gage Edwards net Worth is speculated come be virtually the quantity of 2 million dollars. His large net worth has us wondering just how impressive have to his value be however that information, for the moment being, has actually yet to it is in estimated.


Gage Edward network worth is $2 million

His huge net precious is not lot of a surprise since he is Jeff Lewis’ partner not simply in life yet in business and career as well. That is the service manager the Jeff Lewis and a part of his multiple effective businesses and also ventures yet most important a component of his partner’s incredible estimated net worth of about 10 million dollars. Gage Edward’s sources of revenue are his appearances in TV present ‘Flipping Out’ and his salary of gift the business manager the Jeff Lewis.

Career detail

There are not plenty of studies done and published concerning Gage Edwards and his career, so we have an extremely less information concerning the minute details the it. Us do understand that he appears in mirrors ‘Flipping Out’ and ‘Interior therapy with Jeff Lewis’ together the company manager of Jeff Lewis i beg your pardon is his really job.

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Gage Edward Wiki-bio; Age, Birthdate

Gage Edward’s wiki-bio is an additional thing that has a lot much less updated details aside native his career. So us don’t even have the actual age and also birthdate of Gage Edwards. Evaluate from looks alone, Gage Edwards looks really young, a lot younger than partner Jeff Lewis. That seems prefer he is in his 30s gift born at some point in 1980s.

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