We have actually some big news for every one of our wizards the end there! You space now able to find and also interact v your friends on Prodigy!

Multiplayer Worlds:

We know numerous students have been questioning for this for a long time now and also we’re excited to expose a new world an option feature that will allow for you come arrange to satisfy with your friends in one of our 90 easily accessible worlds.

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When you very first login come the game, you will do it be asked to “Choose her World”. Girlfriend can pick the same human being as your friends so the you can play Prodigy together.


You will certainly be shown 3 recommended people to start with. If friend are component of a course that theatre at institution or a large class list, climate these 3 human beings will it is in ones that you and also your classmates have in common and also we introduce you pick one of these. You have the right to do so just by clicking one.

If you’d choose to discover other worlds, climate you can select the “All Prodigy Worlds” food selection by clicking the map icon in the top right corner of the page.


From this menu, you have the right to use the arrows top top the left come navigate with our 90 offered worlds. Each civilization can right now hold 200 players max, and also the number of people will be shown as a portion under the world’s photo in the menu.



Once a world is 100% full, you will do it be can not to sign up with it. Simply click your chosen human being to go into it.

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If you’re play the game and also want to tell your friends what people you’re a component of yet can’t remember, open the Settings food selection (Gear Icon). Your human being will be shown in the upper part of your setups menu.


Player Cards:

Not only will you be able to find her friends in game, you’ll additionally be able to look at your “player cards”. For currently player cards reveal a player’s level and also currently fitted items yet some symbols in this menu will give you a hints of the some of the functions to come. Shhh…don’t tell anyone!