Standup comic, actor and fan favourite from HBO’s Silicon Valley and the movie Crazy rich Asians share his memoir of cultivation up as a Chinese immigrant in California and also making the in Hollywood. “I turned under a job in finance to pursue a job in stand-up comedy. Mine dad assumed I was crazy. However I figured that was much better to disappointed my parents because that a few years than to disappointed myself for the remainder of my life. I had actually to disappointed them in order to seek what ns loved. The was the only means to have my Chinese turnip cake and also eat one American apple pie too.” Jimmy O. Yang is a standup comedian, film and TV actor and also fan favorite as the character Jian Yang indigenous the renowned HBO collection Silicon Valley. In just how to American, he shares his story of farming up together a Chinese immigrant who pursued a Hollywood career against the wishes of his parents: Yang arrived in Los Angeles native Hong Kong at period 13, learned English through watching bet RapCity because that three hours a day, and worked together a piece club DJ while follow his comedy career. The chronicles a near deportation episode throughout a college expedition Tijuana come finally becoming a proud united state citizen ten years later. Special those and also many other hilarious stories, if sharing some hard-earned lessons, just how to American mocks stereotypes while providing tongue in cheek advice on pursuing the American dreams of fame, fortune, and also strippers.

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Meet The Author: Jimmy O. Yang

Multi-faceted actor, stand-up comedian, and also writer Jimmy O. Yang is ideal known because that his portrayal of hilarious intern Jian Yang on HBO’s Emmy-nominated comedy collection Silicon Valley. Born in Hong Kong, Yang do his television debut ~ above the CBS collection 2 broke Girls and his an initial late-night stand-up figure on The Arsenio hall Show, whereby he obtained a rare standing ovation. various other television credits encompass DirecTV’s points You Shouldn’t Say past Midnight,CBS’ battle Creek and also Criminal Minds, FXX’s It’s constantly Sunny in Philadelphia, and also ABC’s Marvel’s Agents the S.H.I.E.L.D. That is right now recurring top top TruTV’s fifty percent hour comedy series, Those who Can’t. Yang is based in Los Angeles.
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