When you think of role models, renowned sportstars and entrepreneurs instantly spring to mind.

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Christiano Ronaldo, i get it Federer, Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Elon Musk and Richard Branson to surname a few.

But what about function models because that pickup?

If she passionate about this stuff and also want to enhance with women, then no doubt over there is a renowned alpha male you aspire to it is in like.

Whether that smooth talker James shortcut or Ryan Gosling in stunner Stupid Love, I’m certain there is someone who provides you think “Duuude, I desire to be that guy!”

For me, that guy is Hank Moody. Mutha fuckaaaaa!

(Apologies if friend didn’t obtain the reference)

Hank Moody is a fictitious character and also the key protagonist in the struggle TV show, Californication.

He’s a writer that leads a debauched lifestyle of boozing, medicine taking, and serial womanizing.

OK so probably he’s not your stereotypical role model.

But this male is quite perhaps the finest example that a ‘natural’ v women you’ll ever find.


He’s your usual badboy – a troublesome, indifferent, self-destructive male with that irresistible charm and also playfulness about him girls find impossible come resist.

Whether the his asshole persona, his witty humour, nonchalent perspective or childish behaviour, over there is so much you deserve to learn native watching Hank Moody in action.

I could literally write a book on him.

But in an attempt to avoid spewing verbal diarrhea, I’ll store this brief.

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In this short article I will deconstruct few of Hank Moody’s finest scenes native Californication to show you why the is such a organic with women.

Oh and also if friend haven’t watched Californication yet, all 7 periods are available on Netflix. Go binge away. The will fairly literally change your life