After do your method through the Profaned Capital, the boss battle versus Yhorm the large is actually a an extremely easy one if you use the correct weapon. Unfortunately, you execute not have that weapon in her possession just yet. It sits on the far finish of the boss chamber, alongside Yhorm the Giant’s throne. Wait near the fog gate for Yhorm to approach, then quickly run previous him and collect the Storm Ruler weapon indigenous the best side that the throne.

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At this point you deserve to attempt to equip the weapon while evading Yhorm the Giant’s attacks, however it might be simpler for some to just use a Homeward Bone to return to a previous bonfire with the weapon in-hand. Store in mind friend still should wait for Yhorm come attack, then use the Homeward Bone between strikes so girlfriend have enough time come teleport without gift interrupted. Normally Yhorm attacks twice, so wait till the second attack in the combo prior to you attempt to teleport or equip the weapon.

Once you have the weapon equipped and also you’re all set to carry out battle, change into her two-handed stance (Triangle - PS4, Y - Xbox) and also use her special strike (L2 - PS4, LT - Xbox). This fees the Storm Ruler, shown by a sirloin of wind neighboring the weapon. When the wind turns nearly a heavy white, the weapon is completely charged and also you’re prepared to inflict heavy damage to Yhorm the Giant.


Lock-on to Yhorm and use the completely charged special attack (R1 - PS4, RB - Xbox). If that connects it will certainly inflict roughly 25 percent damage to the boss. Don’t simply assume you deserve to charge up and attack at will. Yhorm will still be attacking while you’re charging. You may need to dodge hits two consecutive strikes in the midst of charging your weapon. In addition, making use of the special strike will drainpipe your stamina gauge completely, for this reason if you happen to miss out on you might be in trouble depending upon when you decided to attack.

When Yhorm gets down to 50 percent health, that adds a little of fire come his attacks and will sometimes emit a blast of fire that has actually a moderate radius. Earlier away from Yhorm and also use her special attack from a street so that you don’t need to worry around the fire blast. Lug Yhorm the large down to acquire the Cinders of a Lord and also the Soul the Yhorm the Giant.

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If you’ve beat the other Lords of Cinder as much as this point, you will be soon teleported ago to the High wall of Lothric to do battle versus the Dancer that the Boreal Valley.

Continue on come the boss battle versus the Dancer that the Boreal Valley or head ago to ours Dark Souls 3 walkthrough and guide!