We’ve every been there. You’ve designed the perfect After impacts composition, yet you require to have actually your great rotate roughly a different point. Or possibly you want your great to range down around a particular point therefore you can make her movement much more balanced? What room you come do?
The anchor suggest in After impacts is the suggest in i beg your pardon all transformations are manipulated from. In a handy sense the anchor allude is the suggest in which her layer will certainly scale and also rotate around. If it may seem silly to have actually an anchor allude and a place transform building both of these parameters do really different things.

As an excellent practice anchor points need to be collection before you begin animating your composition. So just how are you supposed to move your anchor point? fine I’m glad you asked…
If you’ve ever before tried relocating the anchor suggest in the transform menu you were most likely surprised to see that your layer moved around as well. Many new After results artists conclude the this must typical that Anchor allude and Position carry out the same thing, but this is simply not the case.

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On most After results project that is not appropriate to relocate your anchor point using the change menu since doing so will certainly physically relocate your class position. Instead you will want to usage the Pan-Behind Tool. Here’s just how it’s done.
Although they both deserve to move the layer, anchor point and position are two various things.
Pro Tip: Don’t set keyframes till you’ve relocated your anchor point. You i will not ~ be may be to change your anchor suggest if you’ve collection any change keyframes.

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Activate the Pan-Behind tool by hitting the (Y) vital on your keyboard. Girlfriend can additionally select the Pan-Behind device in the toolbar at the optimal of the After impacts interface.

The next step is simple. With the Pan-Behind device selected move your Anchor allude to your wanted location. If you have your transform menu open girlfriend will check out the anchor suggest values immediately update as you move your anchor suggest around the composition.

After you’ve moved your Anchor point to the preferred location simply pick your an option Tool by hitting (V) ~ above your key-board or choose it indigenous the toolbar at the top of the interface.
That’s it! On most After effects projects you will be adjusting the Anchor suggest for 70% of your layers, therefore it’s vital that you gain used to this workflow.