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Let"s speak brakes... 1) exactly how much for pads and rotors on every 4 corners?2) What go you usage for parts? Mopar? Aftermarket?3) any type of tips or top to keep in mind?4) PITA?... Or did the go fairly well?Just wanted some input and also opinions before I take this on... Thanks! Matt :cbadge2:

I just changed my prior rotors and also pads around 3 or 4 month ago. Not too poor but the two bolts that organize the "caliper holder" nearly bent my wrench before they broke loose and I had to win the rotors choose a stepchild to get them to break free. If you"re replacing them - no worries, yet if you"re having actually them turned use a block of lumber under her BFH so you don"t dent them up and also be certain to soak them through some penetrating oil first. I offered parts indigenous my local O"Reillys but I understand guys have actually used the slotted rotors and "green stuff" pads too.

just did all 4 corners on mine. I think rotors were around $100 each, calipers were $90-ish ns think, and also pads were choose $40 every set. Every in all i think the was approximately $550 or $600. Cant really remember. Gained all my ingredient from progressed auto parts.just a tiny tip i found that was easy to get the rotors off.... When you get the caliper and caliper bracket turn off (loosen the caliper bolts, then remove the caliper parentheses bolts so the totality thing come off as an assembly, then hang turn off the framework by a hanger or something. Dont LET that HANG!! unless you want to change the rubber hoses when they break)but in bespeak to acquire the calipers off i took a small 3lb sledge hammer and also had mine buddy host it top top the front of the caliper whereby the wheel mounts up, yet in between the studs. I then take it a 5lb sledge and gave the one good smack top top the hammer. Execute this in alternative criss cross fads in between all the studs and also the caliper have to pop ideal off. FYI, if you space resinstalling the old rotors and also not buying new ones, sand/file the inside part of the rotor where the stud feet are and apply just a weeee bit of antiseize. You"ll be greatful you did the next time you have to remove them.hardest component is gaining the truck turn off the ground, at the very least it to be for me. My jack is a POS and i can only elevator one edge at a time, climate i had to jack each corner up individualy in order to turn the tires. The was a PITA.hope this help a little

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2004.5 Dodge lamb 2500 4X4 QCLB
NV5600, FASS 150, 5" FBD, "Willy"s Whistler", edge J/A "HOT UNLOCK", 1 piece aluminum driveshaft, 35" trace Grapplers, VALAIR DD clutch, 212K miles and also counting...