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ProFighter Paul “the Reaper” BanasiakExplains common Mistakes and also Tips for Checking Kicks

Fighting is flow. Positioning permits the flow, it’s

It is a flow between offense and defense, and what allows this circulation is positioning. If her posture is off when you’re parrying a punch, her countering fine be slow. Your positioning is what enables the fluidity of your movement.Imagine a powerlifter that starts his deadlift through a rounded back. He will certainly be sluggish off the ground and also he will certainly be even slower together the bar moves up.

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Consider deeply exactly how each position connects come another. Think about how girlfriend will flow from a examine to a respond to roundhouse kick, indigenous a parry to a behind straight. Learning to flow from place to place islearning exactly how to happen the baton. If you’re in a 4 x 100-meter relay, don’t know how to pass the baton, and also end increase dropping it, you’re screwed. However, if you do know just how to circulation from position to position, your speed will improveten-fold just as learning how to happen the baton boosts running time.

In the below video, Paul defines the precise position you have to be in when checking kicks. He goes over exactly how to raise your leg, in ~ what angle, just how to angle your shin, and also more:

How To examine Leg Kicks In Muay Thai and also Kickboxing

To recap the checking tips:

Keep a strong, upright posture.Keep your shin perpendicular to the ground.Turn her hip the end at one angle, pointing her knee at about 45 degrees.Contract your glutes.

To recap the usual mistakes:

Do no bend your shin.Do not crunch her body.Do no pull her leg directly up.

As you can see by the above tips and also mistakes, the details of fighting space many. Even with a good coach, castle cannot check out every failure you do nor administer every guideline you need.

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However, what ifyou had multiple coaches? All an excellent coaches encourage also their most prized champions and also fighters to discover other gyms because that fresh perspectives. The good George St. Pierre is always encouraged through Tristar’s legendary coach Firas Zihabi to look for out new outlooks.

But we’re not all do GSP money. I beg your pardon is why the coaches native all across the world have been lugged to you. Paul Banasiak is yet one of plenty of coaches ~ above the fresh upgraded Nak Muay country 2.0.Other coaches encompass Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu, Glory’s kris Mauceri, Tiffany valve Soest and more!

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