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How to copy and paste in FL StudioCopy and Paste In FL Studio SequencerStep 1 – step Sequencer SelecterStep 2 – copying In FL StudioStep 3 – do A brand-new Pattern In FL StudioStep 4 – Pasting In FL StudioCopy and Paste In FL Studio Piano RollStep 1 – using The FL Studio pick ToolStep 2 – Selecting and Copying notes In FL StudioStep 3 – Pasting notes In FL StudioCopy and also Paste In FL Studio PlaylistStep 1 – pick ToolStep 2 – selecting The PatternStep 3 – Copying and also PastingRelated QuestionsHow perform you entrust an tool to a mixer?Can you copy and also paste indigenous one project to another?Can friend copy and paste one automation clip?How perform you do a brand-new unique pattern in FL Studio?What is the sequencer in FL Studio?How execute you copy multiple fads in FL Studio?Is copy and paste simpler in other DAWs?
There are many instances as soon as you desire to know how to copy and also paste in FL Studio in stimulate to save time. In many cases, this have the right to be completed by using Ctrl+C (Command+C on Mac) come copy the selected item, and also Ctrl+V (Command+V ~ above Mac) to dough it into the preferred location.

When developing music, over there are plenty of instances as soon as being maybe to simply copy and paste data would assist speed up your process.So in this article, we are going to look at exactly how this can be achieved, specifically within an FL Studio project.

We will look at the most typical uses that copy and also pasting and how come see exactly how they space done.

Copy and Paste In FL Studio Sequencer

Step 1 – action Sequencer Selecter

When wanting to copy and also paste in the action sequencer, friend are an initial going to want to make sure that you have actually the correct instrument selected.To do this in the sequencer, simply click ~ above the button between the tool name and also its step sequencer row.
You will recognize that the tool is selected, together its switch will be glow green.
If you space looking come copy and paste lot of instrument’s data, climate you deserve to shift-click to select as numerous of the instruments you like.
In addition, you have the right to double click on one of these buttons come select every one of the tools in the step sequencer.

Step 2 – copy In FL Studio

Once you have selected the correct instrument/instruments, you will then want to hit the key-board shortcut Ctrl+C (Command+C for Mac), in order come copy that step sequencer data.

Step 3 – making A new Pattern In FL Studio

After selecting and also copying the instrument/instruments you want, you will certainly then desire to copy the data right into a new sequencer pattern.


To make a brand-new pattern, you deserve to either press the F4 key as a shortcut or click and also drag up top top the tab which speak you which sample you are currently on.

Step 4 – Pasting In FL Studio

Once you have actually made a brand-new pattern and have the selected, you can then dough the duplicated data from the initial pattern by pressing Crtl+V (Command +C for Mac).

This method also works if you want whole MIDI clips native the piano roll, copy and also pasted indigenous one pattern to another.

Copy and Paste In FL Studio Piano Roll

You can additionally use copy and also paste if you are looking come take certain notes of a MIDI clip indigenous one pattern to another inside the the piano roll.

Step 1 – utilizing The FL Studio select Tool

Inside of the piano roll, you can select multiple individual notes by merely shift-clicking the ones that you room looking come copy v the choose tool activated.

Step 2 – Selecting and also Copying notes In FL Studio

Now you space using the pick tool, you deserve to either normally click and drag to select notes, or you have the right to shift-click to pick multiple individual notes.


This might be valuable in instances when you want to take it notes indigenous a chord progression and also paste lock into another instrument, because that example.With the wanted notes selected, you have the right to then press Ctrl+C (Command+C because that Mac) come copy these notes.

Step 3 – Pasting notes In FL Studio

Once you have selected and also copied the notes you want, you deserve to then dough them either into a new pattern, or a different piano roll for a various instrument.

Copy and Paste In FL Studio Playlist

Lastly, we will certainly cover just how you have the right to copy and also paste audio samples, patterns, and automation clips within the playlist.

Step 1 – select Tool

To start with, girlfriend will desire to make sure that you room using the choose tool, as shown in the picture above.This will permit you to select the preferred patterns in the playlist.

Step 2 – selecting The Pattern

After enabling the pick tool, you deserve to then select the patterns the you want.

This can be done either by just clicking and also dragging or through shift-clicking individual patterns.

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Step 3 – Copying and also Pasting

After selecting the patterns, you can then use Ctrl+C climate Ctrl+V (Command+C the Command +V because that Mac) to copy and also paste the preferred patterns to a brand-new location within the playlist window.
You deserve to now copy and paste within the most crucial parts the FL Studio, which will certainly no doubt speed up your music production, and aid keep girlfriend in the circulation of things when it matters most!