supports standard copy, cut, paste and also swap with clipboard operations. These commands can be applied to a selection of:

Musical notes: e.g. To repeat a ar of music, or change a i by a to win or a measure.

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Other score elements: such as articulations, staff text, dynamics, fingering etc.

Copy/cut/paste/swap regulates are accessed in three ways:

From the Edit menu (above the document window).From the menu shown by right-clicking top top an facet or variety of elements.Using among the standard keyboard shortcuts.

Summary that commands

CommandKbd shortcut (Win)Kbd shortcut (Mac)Right-click menuMain menu
CutCtrl+XCmd+XCutEdit → Cut
CopyCtrl+CCmd+CCopyEdit → Copy
PasteCtrl+VCmd+VPasteEdit → Paste
Swap with clipboardCtrl+Shift+XCmd+Shift+XSwap with ClipboardEdit → Swap v clipboard

Note: prior to carrying the end a copy, cut, dough or swap procedure, you should be in typical mode. Push the Esc key to exit into common mode.


You deserve to cut, copy, dough or swap notes as follows:

Copy or cut

To copy/cut a single chord

Hold down transition and click a note in the chord.

To copy/cut a range that chords

Click on the an initial note or measure the you desire to select.Shift+Click top top the last keep in mind or measure the you desire to select. A blue rectangle highlights the an ar you selected.PasteClick top top the note or measure where you want your pasted selection to begin.Swap v Clipboard

The swap v clipboard operation combines two commands into one: (1) very first it overwrites a selected component of the score with the contents of the clipboard, as with the paste command; (2) Secondly, it move the overwritten part of the score back to the clipboard, as with the copy command.

It can be used, because that example, to swap 2 equal-length sections of a score, A and also B:

Clear the selection (by pushing Esc or clicking a empty area the the record window);Copy key of a solitary note only

It is feasible to copy the pitch that a keep in mind only (and no various other properties), by clicking the notehead and applying the typical copy and also paste, or copy and also swap procedure. The key of the destination note alters to enhance that the the duplicated note but the duration remains the same.

Other elements

Some facets such as staff text, dynamics, fingering, etc. Can be cut, copied and pasted only one at a time. However, other elements support "multiple-selection" cut/copy/paste: such as articulations (sforzato, staccato etc.), fretboard diagrams, and chord symbols.

Note: The Swap through clipboard command is only intended because that use through sections the music and also not various other score elements.

Copy or cutPasteClick ~ above the keep in mind where you want your pasted selection to begin.

In the situation of articulations, they room pasted come the destination notes in precisely the very same order (continuous or intermittent) together they to be in the early stage selection.

Quick repeat

To conveniently copy and also paste a note, measure, or passage:

Press R . copies and also pastes the selected notation to a suggest immediately ~ the last keep in mind in the selection. Any existing music in the destination selection is replaced.


To instantaneously copy and also paste a message element, line, or other object:

Hold down Ctrl+Shift (Mac: Cmd+Shift), click on the element and also drag it everywhere in the score.Release the computer mouse button, and also the selected aspect is copy to the brand-new location.

Paste half/double term (version 3.1 and above)

These commands enables you to copy/cut a ar of the score, then dough it ago anywhere with all the keep in mind durations one of two people halved or doubled.

Select a destination note (or measure);From the menu, choose one of the following:Edit→Paste fifty percent Duration.Edit→Paste twin Duration.

Selection filter

The Selection Filter permits you to choose exactly which voices and also elements you want to incorporate in her selection.

To screen the an option filter, push F6 (Mac: Fn+F6); or indigenous the menu, select View→Selection Filter.

The selection Filter appears by default below the Palettes. To change the city hall location, watch Viewing and Navigation: next panels.

Example: intend you want to copy measures 1 and 2 in the adhering to passage (see image), to give measures 3 and 4:

Selection filter example

Make certain the choice Filter is displayed (see above);Uncheck the "Articulations & Ornaments" and "Slurs" tickboxes;Copy and paste the desired measures (in this example, 1-2 into 3-4).

Note: The choice Filter works v the swap through clipboard command as well.

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See also

If you want to change notes without altering the rhythm, you may integrate re-pitch setting with copy and paste.