Deleting flipgram articles is easy, but many users do not know how to delete a Flipagram post or video. You have to open the post and then tap ~ above the delete button. If you’re in search of a means to delete a flipagram post, you’ve pertained to the appropriate place.

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In this blog post, we’ll to walk you through the process of deleting a post on So even if it is you do a mistake or simply want to remove a short article from windy view, review on because that instructions on how to delete flipagram video clip and post.

What is Flipagram?

Flipagram is a society media communication that lets users create quick videos and share them v friends and family. It’s among the most famous apps for sharing quick, funny videos through others. And it’s straightforward to usage – all you need is a call or computer and some photos or videos to acquire started.

You can record custom video clips and include them come your articles in the flipgram. Also, you have the right to share videos top top Instagram, Twitter, facebook & Messenger. By the way, Flipagram readjusted the name and it’s dubbed Vigo Video.


How come Delete Flipagram Post/Video/Account?

You deserve to delete a Flipagram write-up by visiting the write-up you desire to delete, tapping on the pencil icon below the post’s title, and also then tapping top top Delete. Below, ns will display how to delete flipgram posts, accounts, and videos one through one.

How come Delete Flipagram Post

Flipgram write-up is similar to various other social media posts. Friend can modify your write-up at any type of time – an altering the content, deleting it, or marking it private so only approved followers deserve to see it.

To delete a flipagram post, follow this steps:

Visit the Flipagram post you desire to deleteTap ~ above the pencil icon listed below the Post’s titleTap on Delete

You will certainly be asked if you space sure you want to delete the post – madness Delete when again to complete the process.


How come Delete Flipagram Account

The flipgram account might be vital if you want to delete all short articles at once. You deserve to do that by deleting the flipgram account. If you are ready, let’s go on to the complying with steps:

Visit or tap on your profile snapshot and then click SettingsScroll down until you discover the Delete Account optionTap ~ above Delete Account and also then go into your passwordTap ~ above Delete Account again and also your account will certainly be deletedUnsubscribe indigenous Flipagram

If you wish to delete your Flipagram account, her Flipagrams, and all her data, friend must call Flipagram customer service.

To carry out this, send an e-mail to the following email address: that is recommended that you usage the email deal with you usage on the Flipagram app.

Switch her Flipagram account privately

Go come the Flipagram account settings. Activate the » define profile as personal « alternative in terms of profile visibility. Her flipagram, including your reflections, will certainly be concealed by activating this choice. This Flipagram private mode keeps her old subscribers and also filters out new subscribers v your approval.

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How come Delete a video clip on Flipagram

The video clip can be turned off after gift uploaded come flipagram or before. Below we display how to delete a video clip on flipagram prior to uploading.

Go to or app. Sign in using your account credentials.Once you room logged in, navigate to the video you desire to delete.Tap on the three dots icon below the video’s title.Tap ~ above Delete and also confirm the you want to delete the video clip by tapping Delete again.

We have actually been pleasantly surprised. That is really simple to usage and very intuitive, which provides the possibility of creating photo videos from our iOS an equipment very simple.

It likewise has the opportunity of adjusting the times for Instagram, i m sorry will allow us to develop presentations and then publish castle on the largest photography social network.

But if we perform not desire to publish that on this society network, we can configure the moment we desire each photo to it is in shown and also thus create a an excellent video that photos come collect any kind of event, holidays, or birthdays.

There you have actually it! These space the measures to delete flipagram posts, accounts, and also videos one by one.

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Frequently Asked questions (FAQ’s):

Can you obtain Flipagram top top Android?

You can be wondering if you have the right to still get the application on Android. Yes, Flipagram is obtainable on Android devices. You have the right to download it from the Google play Store.

Is Flipagram quiet an app?

Yes, Flipagram is tho an app and also it’s call Vigo Video. It’s obtainable on Android and iOS devices. If you’re a fan of video-editing apps, you’ll it is in happy come hear that your favorite application has came down on the Google Play store for Android phones.

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Did Flipagram obtain deleted?

No, Flipagram go not acquire deleted. It’s still accessible on the Google beat Store and also Apple app Store for Android and iOS devices, respectively. Yet now it’s Vigo video name.


If you have to delete a Flipagram post, account, or video, these room the measures you need to follow. Deleting articles is easy and also can be done in just a few taps. For this reason if girlfriend have any kind of videos or posts you desire to eliminate from publicly view, be certain to follow these steps. Ns hope this “how to delete a Flipagram post” guideline assist to resolve your problem. Many thanks for reading!